Thursday, 14 October 2010

Almost Ready to Move!

After coming home from a week in hospital with Noah, I have just looked at how much I have to do in my house before we move on Saturday, and felt very overwhelmed with it all. Tonight I'm feeling much better about it all after having four awesome cleaners and packers come today to help out.

Lisa, Jacquie, Becky and Di all worked like troopers and got SO much done. Both Kobe's and the boys bedrooms are so clean and just about empty.

Becky has the lounge room sparkling,

and Di cleaned and packed up the whole kitchen.

Noah on the otherhand was super slack and just lounged around all day long! I didn't feel ready to send him back to school after his week in hospital, but he did get out in the beautiful sunshine for a while with Di and had some lovely stretches and and a massage.

Thanks so much girls for all your amazing help. I'm feeling a lot less stressed tonight knowing that so much was done today. Our phone and internet get cut off tomorrow afternoon and the phone gets switched on at the new house at the same time. I will be without the net for a little while (hopefully only a few working days before they can put the net back on for us), but luckily I have my iPhone4 to keep me in contact with the world! ;) There won't be any blogging for a little while though - so don't panic. Just know we are busy setting up the new house and hopefully the next blog post will be about having everything unpacked and us enjoying our new house.


  1. I look fatter !!!!!
    why didn't you use the one that i took of Jac??

  2. I'm laughing at the comments above! NO...I'm FATTEST! Thank goodness for helping hands. :) They're the best! And NOAH! Oh, how angelic he looks. Sweet, sweet Noah. I would love to smooch those cheeks. Can't wait until you are in your NEW house. Post pictures SOON!

  3. What is this? a fat contestant? you all look like wonderful helping friends to me!!
    excitement plus at your place lisa. Looking forward to the post moving photos.

  4. Ha ha, Becky triffitt you look lovely you duffa. Lisa and hac and Di look very hard at work and I like that Eden and Kobe were pointing out to Lisa the spots she missed. I really hope it's not going to rain like it did today.


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