Sunday, 11 October 2009

Meeting Thomas - 9 days early!

With all four of my boys arriving 10 to 14 days late I am totally unprepared when someone actually has a baby before their due date! Last night while I was at The Boy from Oz watching Jalen perform with his school choir, a text message came through from Bec. Unfortunately you have to have your phone turned off throughout the show so I didn't get it straight away. After the show Jay's teacher Kate asked me if I got the message from Bec as she is also friends with Bec and went to see the kids perform. I quickly turned my phone on and was so excited to hear they had a little boy earlier in the evening - 9 days early!!!!

They didn't know what they were having, so it was a lovely surprise that he was a little boy. This afternoon I went up to meet him and couldn't believe how much he looked just like Annie when she was a newborn.

She was very excited to have a new baby brother.

I'm also shocked when I see a baby with lots of thick hair. My boys were always bald or only had a little bit of hair. Kobe still hasn't got as much hair as Thomas does.

It's so lovely to see Bec and Tony with their growing little family.


  1. that is great news!
    he looks TINY - how much did he weigh?
    bec looks great!

  2. Tone he was 7 lb 6. You forget how tiny they can be! :)

  3. A big congratulations to Bec.
    Look at that hair!!
    Lovely that Annie has a new little brother.
    Love Mum.

  4. AW! He's cute!!! I hope mum's baby's that tiny!

  5. contrats to bec,tony and annie... on the other hand i have been trying to ring Kate all weekend, she has been hanging out with you...

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Isn't he the spitting image of his mother!! Wow!

    Very cute. SO MUCH hair! My sister was like that.

    What a huge weekend in your life!

  8. WOW!
    I only found out today because I just realized I have the wrong number for BEC!!
    ANyway LOVE the photos, he is soooooo beautiful. Your the best Lisa for blogging asap. Thanks for my first peek and beautiful Thomas

  9. What a wonderful surprise that must have been when you turned your phone on.

    Wow I have been away from blogger for nearly a week now. What alot of catching up I have to do!!


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