Monday, 2 November 2009


We love public holidays! I have no idea what 'recreation day' is all about, but it gives us a day off so we won't complain. What better thing to do on 'recreation day' than a little bit of recreation! Sarah and Joe invited us to come up for a game of tennis and a BBQ. Aaron and I are both VERY average at tennis, but like playing so we thought it sounded like fun.

The boys were very excited to go and have a play with Taj and Owen and to have a hit of the tennis racquet.

It was a great day for it - not too hot for Noah who sat on the sidelines and watched (or I probably should say slept!).

Jay kept running across the court, holding his top up yelling 'streaker!!!!'. Thank goodness the neighbours who share the tennis court weren't home! :)

Aaron and I thought we would try to psych out Joe and Sarah by turning up with our sweatbands on.

They obviously weren't scared by us though.

It was actually really fun playing them as we were all as bad as each other :) We were worried on the way up that they would really know what they were doing and make us look extra bad. Luckily it was very evenly matched. It was very exciting when we had a bit of a rally going as it was VERY rare!

It was quite funny as there were lots of 'arguments' going on within the pairs. I would crack up as I would hear Joe say 'cover more of the court Sarah!!'. Aaron usually plays way better than I do, but lost a lot of points for us which I was giving him a hard time for. Nothing like a game of tennis to bring everyone together! ;)

Jay named himself as the umpire, or 'vampire' as Harri thought he was called. I don't think he paid close enough attention to the match (or doesn't know the rules!) as there were some very dodgy calls happening - including the one where he said it was '13-love'.

The hardest thing was playing while trying to keep the kids off the court. Kobe had to be dragged from the court a number of times. Taj and Harri would come over and watch us every now and then and Taj would yell 'go Parsons!', while Harri would yell 'go Kings!'.

It was a nail biter with the Kings winning in a tie breaker! Winners are grinners :)

Thanks guys for a very fun day.


  1. looks like a fun day, recreation day huh, sounds dodgy to me.

    I think maybe Joe and Sarah were letting you get your confidence up, so you'll come back another time?? That Sarah is a little sly at times. haha

  2. NO-ONE knows what recreation day actually is! but no one cares =)
    Looks like fun, i LOVE the pic of you and Aaron trying to psych them out!!

  3. I think recreation day is a day that you guys get up north cause we get regatta day down south!!!!! But that's all I know! lol You guys look VERY cool!

  4. Looks like you guys had a great day of it and the weather was good to not too hot and not too cold just right!

  5. Nice action shot of you Lisa! Is that your real hair or a wig like Agassi wore all those years???

  6. ha ha - we were actually talking about that when we were there Kylie. All mine :)

  7. I love the sweat bands, Sarah looks so mean, love it!!

  8. Looks like lots if fun. I love playing tennis even though I not good at it and have no idea about scoring.
    You all look the part!

  9. YAY a TENNIS post! I love TENNIS! looks like an awesome court, great outfits! aw man i wanna play!!

  10. Noah looks so cute in the sweatband. 23 is my favorite number, you know? ;)


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