Saturday, 29 August 2009

Cafe Theatre

Last year for Stake conference weekend our church had a talent night. This year's Friday night activity was a Cafe Theatre where each ward was asked to put on a short act.

It was held at the Deloraine Community Complex. It is a great place as it has different levels to sit at, but unfortunately we were stuck on the floor all night because of Noah's wheelchair and had to watch all the acts looking through bars in the front of the stage, and all night I was chasing Kobe who kept wanting to climb up the stairs to the next level.

The first act was the stake presidency. They were hilarious. I can't even remember what they sang now, but they kept on pulling out some hand moves which were cracking everyone up.

The youth from Deloraine did an awesome dance to the song 'We Go Together'.

West Ward did a very funny story to do with the scripture theme 'if ye are prepared ye shall not fear'. Sarah and Belinda absolutely cracked me up. Check out Belinda's glasses and wig! Sarah's character got her mission call to New Zealand and Jack got his mission call to 'Epping Forest' which he was VERY excited about!

I just about wet myself laughing at Sacha's performance of a lady in the airport getting knocked around by all the passengers. She got knocked over by Jack who was VERY prepared and had a pressure bandage in his backpack so he could help her.

Jalen loved the whole night and was cracking up all night at the different acts.

Harri was so excited to know that he was going to see his friends there. He said to me on the way 'can you sit with Oliver's Mum and Taj's Mum so I can see my friends?'.

It was nice to see Pop there. He said he had been looking forward to it all week. Unfortunately he had a fall when he got back to the home and is now in hospital with a broken hip (I think it was his hip).

Aaron was in East Ward's skit and I had no clue what he was doing in it except that it was something related to being prepared in the area of 'physical education'. Of course he came out in his Hawthorn gear.

He was cracking everyone up as he kept flexing his 'muscles' (not sure if he has many! ;) and falling to the ground doing push ups - I was actually surprised he did a few on his toes! :)

I had no idea he was going to do it, but he came out with a sign that said 'free Buddy' after the controversy of Buddy Franklin being suspended for two games. Of course he got a few laughs.

I totally missed the whole of Devonport Wards skit as Nicki asked me to look after Alex and Maddi. Alex is a real Mummy's boy at the moment and didn't want anything to do with me or watching the skits, so we had to go out. It took him a while to settle, but he finally did and then started to enjoy running around with the rest of his cousins and other kids who were all out with their parents as they were all very ratty and tired - Kobe included!

We got home very late and the boys all flaked it on the way home. Jay and Harri woke up this morning and were cracking up as they couldn't remember getting home and being carried to bed and slept in their clothes!


  1. I think everyone would be disappointed if Aaron didn't do something realated to the Hawks! Looks like a great night.

  2. That sounded like fun! Glad they are still doing that sort of thing up north. Mum said they don't do anything fun in Hobart! We just had roadshows here....they were lots of fun to watch and our ward won!!! ...but we had tired kids too but BEFORE the end :(

  3. Looks like a fun night.Great to see Pop there.

  4. Devonport stake ROCKS!! that's all i have to say!!

  5. I love that last pic of them all asleep. Is Noah awake there in the back?? He was probably like, come on guys party on time!

  6. Haha it was fun! What on earth am i doing in the first photo tho? Am i doing the wrong moves because no one else seems to be doing the same! lol


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