Saturday, 8 August 2009

Dance...T Style!

Last night we had another dance for the youth from church - this time the theme was 'T' style - meaning everyone was encouraged to dress up as something starting with T. A couple of weeks ago Sarah, Sacha and I got together at Sacha's work (Doc Signs) to cut out and spray paint HEAPS of T's to be used in the decorations for the dance. Sacha designed the different shaped T's on the computer and then it was easy to transfer it onto the cardboard over and over again as we were able to put it through the machine to save us having to keep drawing them.

It was actually fun cutting them out together - despite finding that all the dodgy shaped T's kept getting passed onto my side of the table to be cut out because certain people were too lazy to do them! ;D

The funnest part was the 'spray room' where we could just go crazy with the spray paint as the walls and floors were already covered in spray paint.

We passed the T's onto Jayne and the Deloraine girls so they could decorate and they did a awesome job. They also thought about putting up T-shirts and the hall looked fantastic!

I had thought about my costume for a couple of weeks and thought about dressing up as a Christmas tree. I really wanted to work out a way of getting fairy lights on me that lit up, but it was too hard to figure out, so I then changed my costume to a 'TV'. Of course Aaron always has to find a way of getting Hawthorn into anything he does so he decided to be 'Trent Croad' on Grand Final day - when he was injured. He showed me a picture of him on Grand Final day and I decided to have that as my picture on the TV so we matched :)

It was very interesting dancing together with me being a TV!

Yes - this IS Aaron trying to turn me on! ;D

I was excited to see what other costumes people came up with. Everyone had awesome ideas. I absolutely LOVED Tayla's costume that she sewed herself - she was a Twister game board! Sam was 'tic tac toe' and Bek and Leanne were 'tourists'.

Aneika and Lucy as the 'tooth fairy' and 'tinsel'.

Sarah was again the DJ and a very stunning one at that in her 'towel' costume.

Aaron was also the MC again and organised a fashion parade of the costumes. I loved Devin's tractor!

Other costumes were 'The' Cat in a Hat, a teacher, a trainee, a tradie, a tree (Joe with an afro lime green wig!), taikwondo, a trekkie (from Star Trek), tetris blocks, Tinkerbell, Truganini, a tie rack, and Toni taking the easy way out being 'Toni and Tommy eating a Tim Tam'!

It was a really fun night with the usual games - musical arms (which always ends up in someone getting scratched or pushed over!),

the singing bee....

a dance off competition....

lots of dancing....

including a surprise special performance or two, of some slow songs by President Walters.

We also had two floor shows. The first one was Ty, Cade, Paul, Mandi and Jimbo performing Hannah Montana's 'Hoedown Throwdown' from the movie. It was fantastic and everyone loved it. After they performed to us (and Aaron stirred them for watching Hannah Montana) they then got everyone else up to learn it. It was so fun and I'm sure it will be something that everyone will get into at other dances - I guess you could describe it as the new macarena but with a lot more complicated moves and a much better song.

Check out the video!

We also had a 'tribute' since the letter of the night was 't' to none else that Michael Jackson. Jimbo did an excellent job of 'Billy Jean' pulling out some awesome classic MJ moves.

We are so lucky to have awesome youth to work with and as Aaron said last night - it is them that make the activities so much fun as they really get into it and love dressing up etc. It was also great to have a few of the youth from down South turn up as well. Hopefully they thought it was was worth the trip up. Thanks again to Mum for babysitting for us. I'm sure she needs a big holiday now as she has been flat out with grandkids this week.


  1. LOVE your partner and your TV screen - should have worn that today!

  2. And I loved Miley's father!!!
    Love Mum.
    Going to bed.

  3. Great costumes! Looks like it was heaps of fun.

  4. You blogged about it so well =) I was going to, but the only good photo is of Aaron, kind of a boring post =P Hehe.
    It was HEAPS of fun! =D

  5. Wow looks like everyone had a good time! Can't wait to talk to the girls today and hear first hand on how much fun they had! Sad I missd it.


  6. The wait for the post was worth it. It looked like another awesome night. Hope you don't mind but I am stealing your gumboot race idea for our Enrichment on Fri night. Can u imagine us.... it is going to be a laugh!

    I wish I was in YW just to come and check these cool activities. Maybe I could just happen to be there... like cleaning out the RS cupboard or something... ha ha.

  7. Awesome Simone!! the RS will love it. You should do the blindfolded jelly eating competition too - that would be even funnier! :)

  8. what a fantastic activity! I want to move back to Tas right now just so my kids can be involved in some good fun well organised youth activities!
    Well done!
    Loved the picture of Aaron turning you on! lol

  9. Simone i told you today you should be in YW! You would have LOVED the dance!

  10. looks like the best night ever.... i want to be in YW's....

  11. That looks like loads of guys come up with some pretty creative activities. I want to be a youth in Tassie!

  12. Bride and Paige - would LOVE to have you both in Tassie! :) We have awesome youth down here - they really get into it and all get along so well. It's so nice working with them.

  13. LOVE the hoedown...and how pleased those guys are with themselves when it's all over...where's the vid of jimbo's mj moves???
    I'm glad Aaron still turns you on;)

  14. Wow, everybody really gets into it, cool! I love the "turn-on" picture. Ha!


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