Saturday, 1 August 2009

"See you at my 5th birthday!"

Harri has been counting down the days for weeks - waiting for Taj's 4th birthday. He was so excited to get his invitation in the mail as he is always wondering why Aaron and I always get mail and he never gets any mail! This morning he said 'I bet Taj was so excited yesterday as it was one sleep till his birthday!'. The theme was a dress up party and of course Spiderman was very popular - with four Spidermen turning up! When Harri walked in as Spiderman we were greeted at the door by the other three Spidermen and one of them said 'Harri you have a 6 pack!!'. It cracked me up as I couldn't believe that little kids even knew what a '6 pack' was!

There were some other great costumes. Jai was the cutest little Harry Potter I had ever seen..

and of course the other popular costumes were princesses or fairies.

The kids had great fun playing lots of different games - finding treasure....

Pin the mask on Spiderman...

an awesome Spiderpig pinjata made by Joe's Mum....

and a dancing competition. Check out Sarah showing them some groovy dance moves! :) Harri won the dancing competition as he pulled out some classic MJ moves. He was very excited to win a prize of a toy mobile phone that sounds like it's taking photos. On the way home he was pretending to take photos and said 'these are for my blog Mum!' - that's my boy!! :)

Bethany went around interviewing everyone for Taj's birthday video. Everyone was handed a microphone and had to say something special for Taj's birthday.

I've been feeling major cabin fever since Noah broke his leg as we are home so much. It was so nice to get out and especially nice to catch up with Simone as we haven't been able to get to the gym together. Jonty is getting cuter everytime I see him!

Of course no party is complete without lots of yummy party food!

Taj had made some cute placemats for each of the kids, so they each had their own place at the table.

Taj was so cute as we were leaving. He came out to say goodbye to us and yelled 'thanks for coming - see you at my 5th birthday party!!'. I hope we will see you before then Taj ! We hope you had a great day.


  1. Nice one... happy about the no below waist shot there... lol.

    You have very nicely captured every aspect of the party. I particularly liked the placemats. Makes it easy to ask Oliver to set the table now.

  2. That looks like it was a fun party. And ohhhhh, all that yummy food. Mmmmmm.

  3. What do you mean Harri NEVER gets any mail!? ;)

    Looks like an awesome party!

    That Harry Potter is adorable.


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