Thursday, 20 August 2009

Loving their Big Brother

Yesterday Kobe, Harri and I went to watch Jalen perform in the Punchbowl Primary School xylophone concert. Every child in the school performed in it as each class got to perform their own song that they had been working on.

The boys were SO excited to go to school, but even more excited to see Jay at school. We got there at recess time and Harri loved being able to play with Jalen and his friends before the bell went. Notice Jalen with his book while he is playing basketball! He is so hooked on Andy Griffiths at the moment that he has bought and read the whole 'Just' series of books since he met him and even takes his books out at recess and lunchtime to read!

The boys and I found a lovely seat up the back where we could see really well. Of course Kobe decided that wasn't good enough and wanted to go up the front to see what was going on!

He had a cuddle with Jay's teacher and then spotted Jay in the crowd and pushed his way through so he could go and give him a cuddle!

The kids did a great job in the concert. It was so cute seeing the little Prep kids playing - they were so good. As each class got up a message about the song they were performing would come up. Jalen's teacher Miss Wells is a big softy and Jalen tells me she is often in tears over their great work. I had to laugh when this came up before Jay's class performed.

Jay's class did a great job. Jay was telling me he was keeping everyone in time as he was the bass.

Kobe loved listening to it, but luckily Jay's class was one of the earlier classes to perform as he wasn't going to last much longer than 20 minutes.

We made a quick exit after Jay's class performed before he disturbed too many people!


  1. Looooove that last shot of Kobe! :)

    I CAN'T WAIT to see the Kings.


  2. Well done Jalen!

    I love that last photo too!

  3. Look at that red hair!!!!
    Love Mum.

  4. Awwh what a softie, Jay's teacher sounds. I love that she gave Kobe a cuddle too. Probably can't wait to have him in her class.

  5. There is actually a bit of a war going on at school about who gets to cuddle Kobe! Noah's teacher LOVES him too and always takes him with her - even when she is teaching! He often sits up on her knee while she is talking to the class and the kids love it.

  6. Well done Jay on the class are a star....but it seems that Kobe is stealing all the cuddles from all the teachers now out you guys!!!!

    we missed you guys today at hurch..sending love and hoping all is well..


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