Thursday, 6 August 2009

Some Time Out

I was hanging out for today as I knew I could get out of the house for a little while to catch up with the girls as Di would be here with Noah. We decided to meet at the Tasmanian Chocolate Studio as Lynne hadn't been before and there is a good area for the kids to play in.

Unfortunately the play area was full of a Mum's group or something and there was no room for us. Instead our kids decided to wander around the shop the whole time, disturbing other customers, walking behind the counter to see what was going on and getting in the way as the staff tried to serve their customers. We spent the whole time chasing them, trying to distract them with food and pulling them away from the stairs!! It was anything but relaxing and we cracked up about what a crazy age our little ones are at and how next time we would not be going to a cafe, but to someone's house to catch up or the park so they can just run around.

It was still nice to see the girls, although we didn't really get much of a chance to chat and catch up. As Lynne said 'I'll send you an email'. We laughed as we ordered some lovely food and drinks and ate so fast in between chasing the kids around that we didn't actually even enjoy the food! Hopefully next time will really be some time out and not just time out of the house :)


  1. Oh what a bummer - I hate it when that happens. Soon enough we will be out of that season and be able to sit down and enjoy a civilised meal and watch other Mums chase after their kids instead. At least you got a few pics in.

  2. Oh... totally feel for you!! It really does suck when you try and have a catch up, and spend all of it 'catching up to your kids!!!' life is crazy with toddlers!!!

  3. Thanks for the laugh! It brought back some memories.It is comforting to know that stage passes quickly.


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