Monday, 10 August 2009

My Boys' Fabulous Friday

Last Friday was the final 'Fab Friday' for the year, with the Hawks playing their last game for the season in Tassie on Saturday. Mum had come in to babysit for us while we went to the youth dance, so she was excited as she finally got come to a Fab Friday to see the Hawks train. She was hoping get some autographs and photos. I don't know why I'm called the paparazzi - I'm just taking after Mum!

Buddy training -the day before he lost his tooth!

Kobe wasn't sure at all about Hawka. He would just stare at him and if he got too close he would start panicking and had a nervous cry as he tried to back away (dodgy pic sorry - camera on the wrong setting).

He did love running around with the footy though. Maybe he will be the footy player of the family.

The Hawks headed up towards the goals so we decided to follow them. The boys loved standing behind the goals and grabbing any balls that went under the net. They thought it was great being able to pass them back to the players.

After a short training session the players then came up to the fence to sign autographs. Mum was loving it, but I think she missed out on the one she really wanted - Cyril Rioli. Notice how she has Kobe to rope in the players! ;)

Jay's become a big fan of Chance Bateman lately and all he wanted was to get his photo taken with him. He was lovely and didn't mind at all. He made Jay's day.

Aaron did the big bolt to the bus as soon as the players went off the field as it's often a good chance to catch them on the way out. Harri has also started loving Campbell Brown. When he saw him at the fence he kept yelling out 'CAMPBELL BROWN!!!'. He cracks me up as he doesn't care at all that they are famous footy players and isn't scared at all to talk to them. One the way to the bus he had his photo taken with him and then said 'he's my favourite player now!'.

Really Harri's all time favourite Hawk is Luke Hodge who was nice enough to stop for a photo with him again. We told him that Harri's bear is named after him (he calls it Hodgy) and he thought that was pretty cool.

I was super excited to see Ben Dixon even though he doesn't play anymore. He is always really friendly. Aaron asked him if 'Neb Noxid' (his alter ego on HawksKids TV) was going to be at the game tomorrow and Ben cracked up laughing and said 'um -yeah!'.

Aaron just about wet himself when he spotted this old guy coming out of the rooms. I had no clue what was going on and couldn't work out why he was so excited. He grabbed the guy as he came out and asked him to sign his footy for him and then said 'I met you across the road there over 30 years ago and I will never forget it and finally found your autobiography last year and finally got to read it!!'. The guy was Peter Knights who played for Hawthon and was a one of the best players back in the 70s. Aaron absolutely loves him. We even have an ugly old poster in our hallway of him and I am always complaining about how ugly it is and how it needs to come down, but Aaron loves it.

Peter seemed really happy that Aaron was so excited to meet him and was happy to pose for a pic with him. I think it made Aaron's year meeting his hero. He even rang his Dad when he got home to tell him!

It was a really good Fab Friday - much better than the game the next day unfortunately. That is a whole other blog post!


  1. I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to put this post up. It's good when you hear that the players are nice, and are just how you perceive them to be.

  2. ha ha - sorry Noodles. Too much to blog about lately and not enough time! It's a pity you guys don't live closer so you could come along to all the Fab Fridays and Super Saturdays with us.

  3. What can I say, I have learnt from the best, but I was sooo!!! disappointed about Cyril Rioli.
    Thanks for taking me, and I was so pleased to get the autographs, maybe I will get the more elusive ones next time.
    Love Mum. xxx

  4. Not sure who has the best "proud to be a Hawk fan" face - Harri, Jalen, Lorraine or Aaron with Peter Nights - legend! Great photos.

    Lisa we have a WHOLE room upstairs filled with All Black memorabilia but at least no one else can see that!

  5. Wow that Chance Bateman is a hottie. I actually thought the 'dodgy pic' was really cool and you did it like that on purpose.

  6. Chance!!? Nah - not my type. Luke Hodge - now he is a hottie! :)

  7. Lisa - my friend used to date Ben Dixon back when I lived in Melb many years ago. He always came across as such a 'himbo' (yes a male bimbo!!!) But all the girls loved him as he was so cute.


  8. Lynne!!! Wow!! I used to LOVE Ben Dixon!! Jalen's teddy bear is called 'Benny' after him - he got it when he was born. We have lots of photos with Ben, and Shane Crawford back in the day - used to love both of them! :)
    A himbo hey - never heard of that one - that's a good one!

  9. Matt and Aaron have a lot in common! Matt also met Peter Knights when he was a little tacker. He had a photo taken and got an autograph. The kids and I are reminded about what an awesome player he was every time the Hawks play.

    P.S Wasn't that a crap game on Saturday. I was so bored I actually read the 'record' from cover to cover!

  10. gee i have a huge appreciation for you and hospital trips now. i dont know how you do it. and i love it that you can spell aspixiated pneumonia right too!! i still cant spell it!!!

  11. Oh AAron, the photo of you says it all - the Hawks were woeful weren't they. I felt how you looked!!!
    They just have to beat The Crows this week.

  12. I know what a 'himbo' is.
    Ben Dixon is gorgeous, and Hodgey is spectacular.
    You know you are getting older, when you drool over young football players.
    Love Mum.


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