Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Playing at the Park

On Saturday I took the opportunity of having Aaron home all day to get out and about after a week stuck at home a lot with Noah. After Taj's birthday party Kobe woke up and was dying to go outside. He is such an outdoors boy - very different to his brothers. They would spend all day, every day inside if we would let them. As soon as Kobe sees the front door open he bolts for it and does a mad dash to get outside before it shuts again.

It was a nice sunny afternoon so I asked Aaron if he wanted to be left in peace to watch the footy and of course he wasn't complaining - it was definitely a win/win situation as I got to get out of the house and he got to hang out with Noah for a couple of hours in peace.

I decided to take the boys to City Park as there is always so much to do there which keeps all the boys happy - you can ride your bike or scooter, see the monkeys and ducks, check out the flowers and have a play.

I can't remember if Kobe had ever actually seen the monkeys before, but he loved them!! He just stared at them the whole time and would giggle when they would jump or swing on the tree branches.

The boys spent ages running around playing 'chasies' and hide and seek. Kobe loved just being out of the house and having a chance to just walk around.

Jalen loves going to look at the flowers in the conservatory, but it is empty at the moment.

We did see lots of flowers though. It makes me excited to know that we are now at the tail end of winter.

I love that my boys are usually good sports and humor their poor old Mum and let me take lots of photos of them. They usually don't get sick of me snapping away at them. Jalen always poses for me - even when I don't want him to! Whenever he sees the camera come out he freezes and does a fake pose for me! I am always telling him to just do what he was doing so I can get a natural shot.

Harri usually gives me a couple of good shots with a fake smile....

but very quickly gets sick of it and then gives me the big 'NO more photos Mum!!!'.

I'm lucky that Kobe hasn't gotten to the age where he is sick of seeing the camera out. He always turns on a smile as soon as I put the camera in his face.

It was nice to get out of the house with the boys for a bit and I can't wait until Noah is well again and not in pain so we can all get out together. It's probably a 'good' thing that it's happened during winter as it would really be horrible if we were stuck inside all of spring or summer.


  1. City park is my favourite! It's so relaxing =) It makes me laugh that the boys just pose for you =P

  2. Kobe looks so much like his brothers in that close-up photo. How cute. :)
    I have a few cute photos of Darcy on that same swing, too.

  3. Oh daffodils are my fav as...

    1. it is the tell-tale sign that winter is kickin butt outta here

    2. winter is so dreary that the vivid yellow bright spots around really brighten my day.

  4. Loved all your park pictures, looks like a beautiful sunny winter day. We have been having lots of park days lately too. It's such a relaxing feeling being at the park. I feel like i can switch off from the world and be like a kid for a bit!
    LOVED your 'funny photo' too... what a great shot!


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