Thursday, 13 August 2009

A French Banquet

Noah has now had three weeks off school with his broken leg. It has been a long three weeks and it will be nice when he can finally get back to school full time. Last week we had parent teacher discussions with the boys teachers and Noah's teachers gave us a notice about a French banquet that the class were going to be having. They have been learning about France this term and this was going to be an exciting way to finish off the unit. Even though Noah doesn't eat orally, we thought it would be nice to take him up anyway to see his friends and spend some time with his teachers. When we walked in the kids were SO excited and everyone kept calling out 'Noah, Noah!!'.

All the parents were invited to come along and share the banquet with the kids. The kids started off by singing us Frere Jaques. It was so funny seeing Noah's face as he was wondering why there was all this noise all of a sudden.

The kids had made an awesome 'Eiffel Tower' together.

His teachers were right into the spirit of the day, wearing their berets.

The kids had each made their own placemat for the luncheon.

There was SO much food. It was so yummy - French onion soup, pate and biscuits, quiches, french bread and lots of pastry!

For dessert there were chocolate eclairs, profiteroles, chocolate mousse with frogs of course, and lots of pastry again! I was lucky that I've been to the gym a lot this week as that of course gives you permission to pig out even more :D

Kobe decided to try dipping his biscuit into the custard tart!

Jalen was so excited when the bell went for lunch to see us at school as he had no idea we were coming up. Kobe went out and played on the deck with him and his friends while they were eating their lunch. Kobe would've stayed all day if I let him!

Of course in true Noah style he fell asleep not long after we got there, but it was nice to spend some time with his class and to see how excited they were that he was back - even if it was just for a little while.


  1. good on ya Noah...sleeping through the best part ...the eating!!! what a fun idea...

  2. Noah's looking really well. :) If only it weren't for his leg!
    I am so excited to see him! :) Hurry up 2.5weeks!!!!

  3. I can just see Kobe being the popular kid at school. All he will have to do is grin and everyone will fall in love with him.

  4. Nice to see Jay so proud of his little brother. Do they learn French at Punchbowl?

  5. hope the next 3 weeks isn't as long as the previous!
    all that pastry food looks very yum and the eiffel tower the children made is really cool-
    what a great idea.

  6. No they don't have any LOTE at punchbowl, but just learnt a few French phrases as they learnt about France. The kids were loving it saying 'au revoir Madame Eastaugh' to their teacher. Very cute.

  7. How cool to have a French Banquet! French food is really yummy, not sure about the frogs however! It was also a clever idea rom the teachers as it means more to the kids learning having something hands on that's fun and not just boring stuff!It was good to see that Noah was able to go and see his friends, hopefully he wil be back to school soon.Kobe is so cute.



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