Monday, 10 June 2013

They Can Run

I absolutely love all the kids that go to the school that I work at.  Even though Noah went to school there, a lot of the kids are a lot different to Noah.  This year a beautiful little girl - Mia started Kindergarten.  Before Mia was born her parents knew that she would be disabled, but they decided like Aaron and I did, to give Mia the best life possible for however long she was here for.  Out of all of the kids at school Mia reminded me the most of Noah.  She held her body similar to Noah, had chubby little cheeks like him and seemed to have a lot of similar health issues to Noah.

When her Mum mentioned that she found it hard to take Mia out at times, I offered to look after her if she needed.  I knew how hard it was to leave Noah with anyone, and hoped that her Mum would feel comfortable leaving her with me since I knew how to handle all of her health issues.

I was so happy when she took me up on the offer a few months ago, and the boys and I had a lovely time with Mia in our home.  She loved hearing the boys play the Wii and would giggle and smile when they would make a big noise or if we would sing to her.  

Last Tuesday, on Kobe's birthday I got a message to say that beautiful Mia had passed away.  I couldn't stop thinking of her parents and what they were going through, as so many memories of the day Noah passed away came back to me.

Mia's Mum and I messaged each other back and forth and I hated saying the usual 'let me know if I can do anything' as I know it's so much better to just jump in and do anything to help out, so I was so happy when she asked me if I would take photos of Mia's funeral for them.
I knew it would be a hard day, but I was so glad that I could do something for them and keeping busy during the funeral was the best thing that I could do.  Mia looked so beautiful.  It was heart breaking watching her Mum cry over her, and just wishing you could fix things, but knowing that I couldn't. 
Mia was buried in the children's section at the cemetery. After lots of rain in the days leading up to funeral, it was lovely to have beautiful blue skies. 
Mia was actually buried right across from Noah. Noah's grave is at the tree just to the left of the crowd of people. 
Mia loved pink so it was lovely to watch the pink balloons being released.

Because Mia passed away on Kobe's birthday I didn't tell Kobe about it.  On Friday while I was at the funeral he was looked after by some friends (thanks Alison, Amy and Eleanor) and when he was leaving to go with them he asked me what I was doing. I told him I was going to take photos,  but I didn't tell him what it was of.

On Sunday we went to the cemetery after church like we do every Sunday, and Jay and Harri asked me where Mia's grave was.  When Kobe realised what we were talking about, I told him that Mia had died and he said 'she is now in Heaven with Noah and they can run'. 
I wish that knowing that they can now run, could heal broken hearts. 


  1. Beautiful job with the photos. I wish our photographer had shown up. We have some of the viewing but that's it. These are priceless to the family as Im sure you know.

  2. One of the hardest things I ever saw was when one of my friends died, and his mom was crying over him, yelling "MY BABY!". Four years later, those words STILL ring in my head when I think about his viewing. It still breaks my heart. Now that I look back at it, I wish I would have done more for his mom and step dad after the funeral. I visited a few times but that was about it. Lovely pictures, by the way :-)

  3. Elizabeth from Georgia,USA11 June 2013 at 09:12

    Lisa, thanks for sharing this act of service. You are such a wonderful example of selfless service. I want to be like you, you are a dear friend even though we don't know each other personally, I consider you a friend because you share such wonderful, growing experiences on your blog.
    I am sure that Noah and Mia are running and playing together!! The Gospel is so wonderful and what a grand and touching thing for Kobe to say. Children are so right, and yes, I wish it could take away the hurt and pain, too, but it teaches so much about life and what we are really here to do. To love and serve! Thanks for your example and tender heart...
    You have inspired me to do better and to serve those around me, too who may be hurting and need a helping hand!
    I shed a tear or two reading about Mia and she has such a sweet face!! I am so glad her parents chose to raise wonderful, yet so sad at the same time!! They will be blessed forever!

  4. This was truly touching. Thank you.

  5. Oh she was so cute!! I'm glad you got time with her this year. I'm so sad she has passed on and my heart hurts for her family. I'd sure love to see them running and sidestepping.... :). This was so beautiful...all over again.

  6. What a special person you are to have helped Mia and her f amily. I am sure they are running and playing with my Lauren too. When Lauren passed my 3 year old said "mommy I bet Lauren can pick her nose now". Take care!

  7. What a beautiful gift to give to a grieving family.


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