Saturday, 22 June 2013

Kissing the Cup

Sometimes when I'm on the computer I find a photo or video that I haven't seen or had forgotten about.  A while ago I was having a look at the file on the computer that had all of Aaron's iPhone photos and videos in it.  I hadn't seen this video until then.   I love hearing the students call him 'Kingy'.

It was about a month after Noah passed away and he was still having some time off work.  School rang him up to let him know that they had a guy from Hawthorn coming to school to speak in assembly and asked if he wanted to come along. 

He didn't hesitate about going, and was so excited that they brought the premiership cup with them.   He was especially excited that he actually got to hold it and carry it around school.  He makes me laugh as he's caressing that cup like he never wants to let it go.   I still remember how excited he was that day.  He kept texting me with different photos of him holding the cup.

Oh how much I miss my silly man who loved his footy, loved his job and just loved life. 

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  1. Ah, memories. Thank God for them.


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