Monday, 24 June 2013


While I was at work today I got a message from school to say that Jalen was in the first aid room. I often get calls from school so I just assumed that his cold and sore throat had gotten worse, and thought it was strange that they were ringing me at 2pm when there was only and hour to go before school was finished.

I rang them back and was told that he had fallen off some equipment and had hurt his arm and was in a lot of pain. When I went to pick him up I was shocked to see how much pain he was in.  He was crying and couldn't move his arm and could hardly walk to the car because every time he moved his arm was hurting even more.

He said when he landed on top of his arm and he heard a snap.  I took him straight to our GP who put a sling on it and said to take him to the hospital for x-rays and then go to emergency once the x-rays were done.   We did that and it seemed to speed things up a lot because we went straight through when they knew the x-rays were already done. 
The x-rays showed that he had a bad fracture in his upper arm.  Harri and Kobe were great while we waited for the registrar to talk to the orthopaedic doctors, so they could decide what they were going to do. 

Because of the position of the break they decided to put it in a cuff and collar sling so that it is supported until it heals itself.  Jay was freaking out that they may have to operate, but the doctor said it should heal up okay and that we will have to the fracture clinic next week to see how it is going.
Poor Jay is miserable and is especially sad that he can't even go on the computer and play his favourite games or make his YouTube videos because he needs to use both hands.  As he just said 'this sucks'. It's going to be a long six weeks or so. 


  1. It will be a long long six weeks, for him and you.
    Poor fella.
    It must be so painful, I know my foot was excruciating when I broke it in three places.
    Hope it goes quick for him, nod that is all they have to do to it.
    Love Mum

  2. It's the pits seeing your kids in pain and not being able to take it away. Reuben broke his arm on the last day of school a couple years ago. He was in a cast for 8 weeks - the whole summer holidays! I hope it's not too painful for Jay and that it all heals nicely so nothing more is required xx

  3. Hi Lisa - that sucks big time. I know how he feels - on Christmas day 2012 I fell getting otu of the car and fractured my ankle in 4 places. And I was otu of town when it happened! It required emergency surgery and I can honestly say that I was in more pain that I ever imagined - my first broken bone. Those weeks in a cast (8 for me!) followed by weeks in a walking boot and not being able to to ANYTHING for myself were horrible. I am very glad jay didn't need surgery. All he can do it wait it out and try to be patient - not an easy thing to do!!!! Take care :):)

  4. My son broke his arm playing baseball last year in one of the first games of the season and was out for 6 weeks. He LOVES baseball and it was sooo difficult to be in the emergency room when the doctor had to tell him the arm was broken. It was a long 6 weeks but he healed completely and the day the doctor cleared him to play, he played an entire ball game! Hope Jay feels better soon and things heal nicely!!

  5. Aw, poor guy... Sending lots of love and wishes for a speedy recovery!

  6. We always say that as long as it can be fixed, you'll be ok. That seems to be the case for Jalen. Now, about that dog..............hhmmmm....seems one would suit the purpose right now, huh? It would probably put the smile back on his face! Wishing you Godspeed over the next six weeks!

  7. Bummer! Hope it heals quickly and properly for him. Also hope he isn't in too much pain. Doesn't sound fun at all.

  8. Oh no poor guy :0 ( I hope it heald and he doesn't need surgery. Good luck mama

  9. Elizabeth in GA25 June 2013 at 11:30

    Boy, he is lucky it didn't require surgery! My son broke his arm right at the elbow when he was in the 7th grade and he needed major surgery and will always have titanium plates in the elbow and upper arm. It is truly amazing what technological advances they have in medicine these days. We were told even if he had broken it the same way 10-15 years ago, he may have had to live the rest of his life with an amputated arm...this way, he had physical therapy after the surgery and he has full use of his arm. What a blessing!
    Get well soon, Jalen!

  10. My 17 yr old broke his wrist last week at rugby.
    It's in a cast for 6 weeks...fantastic.

  11. When 6 weeks is up, there are only two more weeks of winter!! :) Poor Jay. xx

  12. My step daughters arm has not long healed from her breaking it in a similar spot to where Jay has broken his. she did her's restling with her brother on the trampoline. Hope its not to painful jay and it heals nice and fast.

  13. Oh dear. Prayers from Michigan, USA for quick and complete healing...and that he doesn't drive his Mum absolutely nuts in the meanwhile!

  14. I broke my arm in the same area 20 years ago and had a cuff and sling like Jay which is FAR better than the surgery. It took a bit longer than the 6 weeks to heal and then some physical therapy to gain strength back in the arm.

    My top suggestion was a trick I found. Find a cheap but sturdy beaded necklace when he is ready to shower and use that as a sling while he's in the shower. That upper arm will take awhile to be able to support the weight of the rest of the arm.

    Hope he is on the mend quickly. The first week or so was miserable and then it became much less painful and easier to deal with.

  15. Oh dear. This is going to be hard.


    PS. Hope he mends quickly!

  16. I'm sorry for your Jay :(

    My 8 year-old daughter broker her elbow last Tuesday. She, unfortunately, did have to have surgury; three pins to hold it in place. She has a full arm cast on now.

    The silver lining is that she only has to wear the cast for 3 weeks. At that point they will take off the cast, remove the pins and she can go on her way.

    I hope Jay heals up fast and doesn't have anymore pain.

  17. Hoping you mend soon Jay! Not sure what I would do with only one functionable arm. Make sure Mum loves you up lots :)


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