Saturday, 29 June 2013

Harri's Wall of Fame

Since Harri got to run through the banner with the Hawks he has been so excited about having all the photos of the day on his wall in his bedroom.   I printed out the photos that our friends Simone and Alison took and put them in a frame and on his wall, with his other Hawthorn things.  He calls his bedroom his 'Hawks wall of fame'.
A friend let us know that there was a picture of Harri running through the banner on the AFL photos website.  It is such an awesome photo which I ordered and also put in frame for him.
We heard that Luke Hodge and Brent Guerra were doing a promotional appearance at Harvey Norman a few weeks ago, so we went along to see them so that Hodgey could sign Harri's photos for him.

It was great as there was hardly anyone there, so we got to spend a little bit of time talking to them.  I told Hodgey that Harri got to run through the banner with him (I didn't expect him to remember him at all since he sees so many kids all the time) and he was lovely to him and asked him what he thought about doing it.   He told him it was the best day of his life.  Hodgey made us laugh when he looked at the photo and commented that he should've had a shave that day.
Brent Guerra was really lovely and said to Harri that one day he may run through the banner for real if he plays for the Hawks.

I couldn't resist a photo with them too.  I'm sure Aaron would be so proud of me for keeping up our obsession with Hawthorn :)

Harri was so excited that they were able to sign his photos and it was nice that Hodgey wrote him a personal message.

Today we went along to watch Hawthorn train, before they play the Brisbane Lions tomorrow.  We were excited to see Brendan Whitecross who has been out all year with an injury, but will be playing again tomorrow.  We follow each other on instagram and Harri always gets so excited if he ever 'likes' one of my photos, so it was lovely to be able to actually meet face to face today.  He was busy signing autographs along the fence and not really looking up, so when he started to sign Harri's football card I said 'Hi Brendan, you follow us on Instagram' and he said 'ah the Kings!' and then asked how Jay's arm is.  Poor Jay was sitting up in the stands, but was excited when I told him that Brendan Whitecross asked how he was going.

He was lovely and took Kobe over the fence so I could get a photo of them together.  Kobe isn't feeling very well, so has rosy cheeks and tired eyes.
Harri and I had fun chasing down Alistair Clarkson (the Hawk's coach) so that he could get his autograph and a photo.  He was lovely and didn't mind at all. 

At training Emma, who works for Hawthorn, gave me a disc with official AFL photos on it from the day that Harri got to run through the banner.  It was exciting to come home and have a look at the photos. 

I love Harri's concentrating tongue sticking out. Running with the Hawks is obviously serious business!
Possibly the best coin toss ever at an AFL match! ;)

I didn't even have to rig it for Hodgey to win the toss!

It's been fun to look at more photos of that day, as it was something that we will never forget, especially Harri. 


  1. What a great team the Hawthorn Hawks must be to be so kind to young people. What a great memory for your boys.
    Some great photos!!!!
    Kobe still looks a little rosy cheek.
    Fun for Harri !!!!!!
    Hope Jay is getting better and the pain is lessening.

  2. Aaron would be so proud of you Lisa! Getting yourself and the boys out there and having so much fun with the team he loved. Looking down he no doubt has a big goofy smile plastered on his face :)

  3. This post made me really happy:) They all seem so nice, and I love how Harri has his tongue out. He got the Grandma concentration trait!!


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