Thursday, 6 June 2013


I was wanting to put some family photos up at home, but realised that all the decent photos that I have of the boys are over a year old.  So last Saturday I dragged them to the park so I could take some photos. 

They weren't keen on getting their photos taken, but I bribed them with a kick of the footy and ride on their scooters afterwards, if they co-operated and didn't complain about it too much ;)

There are some lovely ones, but this one cracks me up. 
I love my crazy boys..on Earth and in Heaven.


  1. Great fun photo, love it. Your boys will appreciate all the efforts you go to capture their childhoods in photos one day when they have children of their own. It seems to get more difficult the older they get. I really don't have many photos of my children when they were teens, they deliberately turn away from the camera.

  2. Two years ago my parents, sister and my family of five had professional family pictures taken. After hours of posing in the heat (we decided to wear denim & black!), we asked for one "funny" pose. It ended up being our very favorite photo! ~Lisa in Oregon, USA


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