Saturday, 8 June 2013

Time to Update

Proof that my boys can take decent photos, and not just crazy ones :)
Okay, well maybe Jalen and Harri can -  Kobe just likes to be crazy most of the time.

My boys are all very similar, but also different in many ways.  Harri, Noah and Kobe were lucky and got Aaron's skin - they see five minutes of sun and they get a tan.   Poor Jay has my pale skin and always looks so white during winter.
I still don't really see Noah in any of them.  I can see similarities, but I don't look at any of my boys and think that they look like Noah. 
This is the reason why I dragged my boys out to take some new photos.  I wanted to update the photos on the wall, and all the other nice ones I had of the three boys were taken a year ago. I love them in black and white, and love seeing all of us up there together.


  1. They all look so gorgeous!! I don't think there could be any photo of ALL your boys that wasn't lovely. XX

  2. They are so handsome. I know Aaron and Noah are proud. I have been trying to scan the "card" I made for Kobe, but you know how technology is :-/ I'll get it sent soon, though :-)

  3. What handsome boys, they are all gorgeous!

  4. You have such beautiful boys Lisa x

  5. Your sons are all very handsome and special. What wonderful photos here. I am now inspired to take some updated photos of my family, thanks for the reminder.

    Hoping you all have a safe and happy week ahead xxoo

    From Susan McGuire in Sydney

  6. Gorgeous boys! Great photos! I see Aaron in Jay, especially in his eyes.

  7. What good looking young men you have. They are so darn handsome!!!!!

  8. most beautiful photos ever! i love them in colour too. the boys are such great photo-takers - wish my kids would cooperate!


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