Sunday, 2 June 2013

Running Jack

Thank you everyone for your love and support after my last post.  It means a lot. I feel so alone a lot of the time, but forget there are hundreds of people out there who care for me and my boys.

One of our blessings since Noah passed away was meeting an amazing family, who have since become our friends.  We got to know the Duffys as they bought our wheelchair accessible van from us after Noah passed away.  I don't think I even blogged about selling it at the time, as it was such a hard thing to do. I still remember when they drove away in it, and how sad I felt knowing that we didn't need to use it anymore, but how happy I was for them, that they could now use it.  I knew how much easier it would make their life.

Their son Jack has cerebral palsy spastic quadriplegia and just turned seven today.  I am lucky to be able to work with Jack at school this year.   His parents Chris and Erin are some of the loveliest people you will ever meet and they have three children, Jack being the youngest.
Before Aaron and I met them, I had heard a lot about their family, as our friend Nicole who was Noah's first carers who worked in our home, is a friend of theirs and kept saying we should meet as she knew we would get along.

Even though we only just met them before Aaron passed away, it meant so much to me that they came to his funeral.  The boys and I have since been to their house for dinner a couple of times and we have loved spending time with their family. 

The boys loved it when Chris showed us around his work at the Fire Station as he is a firefighter.  We feel so blessed to have been offered to use their beautiful beach house a couple of times last year, and it really was so therapeutic to get away to such a beautiful place. 

Since getting to know them, I have just realised how amazing they really are.  When Jack was three years old they wanted to give something back to the community and to St Giles who provides therapy and equipment for kids with special needs.  Chris and Jack took part in 'Kayak Jack' where they kayaked nearly 600 km from Launceston to Hobart and raised $70,000 for St Giles.  Jack would spend one hour a day in the kayak with Chris.

As a Mum of a child who had special needs I know only too well equipment and supplies costs for our children.  I know how much that money could have changed Jack's life, so it amazes me even more that they raised it to donate to St Giles.   Chris deservedly became a state finalist in the Australian of the Year Awards.

Chris and Erin have given so much to others, and are now hoping to raise enough money to buy a communication device for Jack, that is designed for children with special needs.  Just like everything that is used by children with special needs, it is expensive and costs around $15,000.

To hopefully raise enough money Chris and Erin have pledged to run their first marathon with Jack being pushed in his running wheelchair.   Kayak Jack is now going to be 'Running Jack' and Chris, Erin and Jack have been training to get ready for it.

If you are able to, please consider donating to this awesome cause.  Having this communication device will allow Jack to be able to communicate with his family and others, and fully participate in life.  You can donate by visiting here.

You can also visit Jack's 'Kayak Jack' facebook page where they will be putting up regular updates. 


  1. What an amazing family, just like another family I know! Xx I remember Chris and Jack at hydrotherapy classes with Jonty. Chris was the only Dad there and I was impressed by the love and tenderness he showed Jack in the pool.

  2. He is seriously adorable!! I have a cousin, who is in her 40's now, who has very mild CP after contracting a severely high fever when she was a baby. She is one of the most loving individuals I have ever met. She will always live with her parents (and family after they pass on), but she is truly amazing. I think she is the reason why I am very accepting of everyone. Not a lot of people are like that :-)

  3. They sound like a wonderful family. The picture of father and son in the kayak is priceless.


We are so grateful for everyone's love and support, and appreciate your comments xoxo

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