Thursday, 20 June 2013

End of an Era

There's so many things changing in our lives lately, and another big change is that my Mum and Dad are selling their home that we grew up in.   It's a beautiful home and it was their dream home which was built while we lived in a shed for a year. 

Mum and Dad aren't getting any younger and the house and land are getting to be a lot of work for both of them, so they know it's time to sell up and move on. It's a very hard and big decision to have made and I'm sure they would love to stay there forever if it was possible.  The hardest thing about selling will be leaving the amazing views behind.  
Last Saturday we went out to help tidy up their garden and to have a family tea.  Becky and Jared and my cousin Jarom and his wife Jess had already done a lot of work on it. 
Harri was such a hard worker and was back and forth taking loads of rubbish with the wheelbarrow to the bonfire pile. 
After we did the garden it was nice to have a family tea as we hadn't caught up for a long time.  It's always nice to get together, but we always miss Chrish and the Watsons.  The cousins love getting together and it's always very noisy.
If anyone is looking for a beautiful home in the country on ten acres, then check out my Mum and Dad's home here.   If it sells because someone found it from my blog, then I'm getting 4% commission Mum and Dad ;)


  1. hard to believe that you lived in that shed - i can remember that. it looks like it would have been FREEZING!!!!
    such good memories of the house and property, it was so fun walking down the road to all of the cousin's. mum and dad would never know where we were!
    once i remember your brothers had made a billy cart and asked me to test it out for them, it ran into a big rock, i flew out and hit my head on another rock. never trust them again...

  2. It's sad to sell such a wonderful home, but change happens, I guess.

    I'm sure you all will take treasured memories with you.


  3. Elizabeth from Georgia,USA21 June 2013 at 22:25

    Lisa, my parents just sold their house to move into an assisted-living apartment. They don't need the help yet, but it's there when they do. They are in their 80's now. They are both healthy and they could not think about selling their home 'til now. It was hard, but they know they have done the right thing. Change is hard.
    Your parents have a beautiful home! What lovely views! My parents had beautiful views of the Appalachian Mountains in their backyard and it was hard to say good-bye to that.
    Wish your parents luck.

  4. Wish I could buy it and move back to Tassie! You would not remember me, but your Mum and Dad probably do. Showed my husband your parents house and he told me not to go getting any ideas!!! It is beautiful


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