Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Long Weekend

Weekends always seem long without Aaron and Noah, but this weekend was literally a long weekend. Monday was a public holiday for which reason, I have no idea.  It was probably the Queen's birthday again or some other crazy reason for a holiday, but for whatever reason it was it is usually nice to have a day off work and school.

I would normally love a long weekend, but now it just means another long day trying to work out what to do with the boys to get through to being back in routine that keeps us busy and half sane.

I was grateful for good friends who suggested we did something together on Monday.  We decided to head to Hawley beach as the weather was supposed to be warm.  On the way there we called into Simone and Simon's house they are building to see how things are going.  It'll be exciting for them when they get to move in and they won't know themselves with all that space after living for years in tiny police houses with five kids.

It seemed like we left the hot weather back in Launceston though as it was quite breezy when we arrived at Hawley.  We had a nice time anyway and the water was even tempting enough to go in.

I was only brave enough to go in up to my waist, but the boys and Lisa and her girls all went right in.  I had no doubt that Aaron would've been one of the first in there if he was with us.

Harri loved playing a bit of beach cricket.

We headed to the park for a BBQ lunch before coming home.  It has a great little paddling pool which Kobe and Eden loved.

On the way home we couldn't pass up stopping at this paddock of beautiful poppys.   

We also did the regular pit stop at Ashgrove Cheese on the way home.

Thanks Woodwards for a fun dayand for hanging out with us.   We are looking for a lot more beach days as the weather (hopefully!) warms up.


  1. We love Ashgrove Cheese. Because we live in Ashgrove in Brisbane. So when in Tassie, or grocery shopping, I make sure I buy Ashgrove cheese to support 'our factory' where possible :)

  2. We were at Hawley from 9am till 11am it was stinking hot and we all got totally roasted, as soon we got home it was overcast n windy! P.s the holiday was recreation day.

  3. Your family is beautiful! And the pictures and that beach is just stunning.


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