Saturday, 17 November 2012


What consequences do you give a 'naughty' teenage boy who doesn't do something you asked him to do? (I don't think Jay could ever really be naughty).

a. ban him from the computer for an hour (supposedly THE worst punishment ever!)
b. make him help me cook tea
c.  make him dice the onions or
d. all of the above?

I think you can tell from Jay's reaction that it's (d) all of the above :)  He was actually laughing most of the time, because he realised I won the meanest mother ever award that day!  The results were worth all the 'tears'.


  1. Good for you! Win, win situation, Jay learned a lesson and you had help making tea :)

  2. it will be worth it in the long run...he will be the best husband ever and at least know how to cook himself a meal and not starve...he he love it.. you are a mean mother(NOT) XXXX


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