Thursday, 15 November 2012

Gangham Style

Who would've thought that a Korean song would go so viral!?  When Jay had his birthday sleepover the boys we watching 'Gangham Style' on YouTube.  I had never heard of it before that and they were telling me it was the biggest clip ever on YouTube.  Then a couple of weeks later it was being played all over the TV and radio.

The boys got right into it and everywhere we went Kobe was breaking out in the Gangham Style dance.  Whenever Kobe hears the word 'sexy' he says 'you shouldn't say that should you Mum?'.  Other times he thinks it's the funniest thing to sing 'I'm sexy and I know it' until he gets told off by his brothers and then he says 'I didn't say 'sexy' I said 'I'm Kobe and I know it!'. 

A friend of mine said that her kids started to sing 'hey chips and gravy' instead of 'hey sexy lady' so I told my boys that and now they sing that instead which sounds very funny.
A couple of weeks ago we were playing it and Harri started doing the dance.  It cracked me up so much.  Whenever I need a laugh I ask him to do the Gangham Style dance for me.


  1. I do like the tune of the song, and we used to live in S Korea so it's amusing to me ... but I also don't like my kids singing "hey sexy lady". I laughed when you said your friend taught the kids "hey chips and gravy". What a brilliant idea! except we don't have chips and gravy here so I'll have to think of something else for my kids to sing.
    I was thinking how interesting it is that you are in Tasmania and how your children look like ours, and your school looks like ones I've seen and even your ocean looks the same to me ... then you said in a post below that the wallabys come and eat the tops off the potted plants and I thought "okay no. Not the same."
    We saw wallabys only once at a zoo in the "Australian" exhibit and could stare at them all day. How amazing that wallabys are walking (hopping?) around a cemetary, eating the flowers.
    I'm very sorry, very very sorry that your dear husband and your darling son have passed on. You are graceful and peaceful on your blog and we will wish you all the best in the future. I check frequently and see that you and the boys are doing well, loving each other. It is inspiring and I am grateful that you share with us.
    Otherwise, someone like me, living in Hawaii, would not be able to read about your life and be amazed. Thank you.
    Tracie Richey

  2. I find it is one of those annoying songs that you hate, but can't help jigging along to. I think Psy is just as confused about it's attraction as we are.

  3. 'Hey chips and gravy' comes from this parody by Fitzy and Wippa who host a breakfast radio show in Sydney :)


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