Monday, 5 November 2012

Halloween just keeps going on

After saying last week that we don't really celebrate Halloween in Australia very much, we just went to our second Halloween party this year.  Harri has a beautiful friend from school - Mia.  She is the loveliest girl and they get along so well. A few weeks ago she gave Harri an invitation for all of us to come to a Halloween party at her house.

The boys were excited to dress up and do it all over again - or at least Kobe and Harri were.  They decided they didn't want to go as 'team rocket' this time but instead pulled out costumes that we already had at home which made it easy.

Jay didn't want to dress up and was nervous about going somewhere where he wouldn't know anyone. There were lots of kids his age there and some lovely boys came over to see if he wanted to hang out with them, but he was too shy and stuck close to me instead.

We talked about how he was a lot like Aaron in that way.  Aaron was the life of the party when he knew people, but if he didn't know anyone he wasn't very social and would rather be home.  Jay is the same - he's so confident and funny when he knows people, but around strangers he just closes down.

Mia's Mum had some great games planned.

 They also had some great decorations including a smoke machine in a couldron.

After the games the kids went trick or treating. Mia's grandma was dressed up and even scared me!

Kobe had the best night and when we got home he said 'we should have another Halloween party at our house!'.
They finished off the night with a massive bonfire which we didn't stay long for.  It was a fun night even though we didn't know anyone and the boys had a lovely time.


  1. sounds like great fun, I know what you mean about Jay & Aaron, My husband is very much the same, shy when he is around strangers, but as soon as he knows you well you cant keep him quiet. :)

  2. I love Halloween, but October was just too busy to get my act together. I didn't get any decorations out. The kids had fun trick or treating though.


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