Thursday, 22 November 2012

Guest Post for The Sullengers

Before Noah passed away my friend Simone had told me about a blog called 'The Sullengers'.  She started reading it after Patrick and Ashley's only daughter Presley passed away after an accidental drowning.  I started reading their blog from time to time, and was so touched when I heard that she had mentioned our family after Aaron passed away on her blog.

Since then I have kept in touch with them more through their blog and love seeing Ashley's instagram pics.  I love that they live in Rexburg, Idaho which is where I went to school in the USA for a year. I loved my year there so much and have so many wonderful memories from Ricks College (now BYU Idaho).  I can't imagine what the town must be like twenty years later. 

A couple of weeks ago Ashley asked me if I would like to do a guest post on her blog, and to share a bit about my experiences with grief over the last twelve months.

My post is now up on her blog here


  1. that was a beautiful blog! I read that blog shortly after their little girl passed away and it was so sad to read. I hadn't read it in ages so it was nice to go back and see what they were up to and a new baby!

    you are so brave and strong to get through everything you have been challenged with. I can't imagine it.

    take care

  2. Hi Lisa... It's great what you shared on the Sullenger's blog. More glory to God, which is what I believe we are here to do. And also, such encouragement to others... I wish it was different for you, but you are a beautiful inspiration to many...

    The photos you included are gorgeous - all of them... Blessings! Naomi G.


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