Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Temple

While we were in Melbourne it was so lovely to be able to go to the templeThe last time Aaron and I went together was around two years ago, and it was Jalen's first time to go inside which he was nervous, but excited about.

All the kids came along with us, and had lots of fun hanging out with my lovely cousin Carissa, while we were inside with Mum and Dad, and Nicki and Alex.

Thank you so much Carissa for looking after them. They loved hanging out with you and it was so nice to catch up.

I was trying to get some photos of the boys before we went inside and Kobe started doing some crazy poses for me. I told him to just stand nicely for a 'nice photo' and he would say 'but I'm doing it like this' and would do some new silly pose which cracked us up.
Jay loved the temple so much and couldn't stop smiling and talking about how beautiful it was. He said he felt Aaron there and said he felt like he was proud of him. I felt the same thing too.   It was nice to do something so special with him on our last day in Melbourne. 


  1. What a wonderful experience to share together. The temple can bring such peace into one's life. I am so glad Jay enjoyed his first trip to the temple. He looks so handsome and grown up.

  2. It's great to see your family out and about Lisa.
    Your temple sounds like a beautiful place.
    The boys looks happy in these pics. It's good to see.

  3. You continue to inspire me!!! Your family is so strong and beautiful!

  4. The temple is a wonderful place! Glad you enjoyed it Jay! Great pics Lisa!! Xx

  5. I am sure he is looking down feeling like the proudest Daddy in the world.

    You are all amazing.

  6. Your temple in Melbourne looks exactly like the temple in Regina Saskachewan Canada. And I am going there this week as a ward, to do endowments and sealings. The Primary children are taking a tour around the building and afterwards go to the park to play and wait for mom's and dad's.
    So sorry for the loss of your husband and son. Thankful for the knowledge of Eternal Families.

  7. I always visit your blog when I need added strength. Thank you Lisa and the boys. Melbourne Temple is also another refuge for me.One day we will all be reunited with all those we love and it will be forever! ♥


  8. This post brought tears to my eyes, So grateful that he could feel the spirit of his dad. The Temple is such a special place like that. My husbands birth parents passed away before I met them. Doing there temple work was the most amazing experience ever. Bless you and your family


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