Thursday, 23 August 2012


Jalen has been having a really hard time since Aaron passed away, especially physically. It's so stressful for me to see him so sad and sick a lot of the time, but there is something that he really loves to do that makes him very happy, which also makes me happy.

I don't get it at all, but Jay loves the computer game Minecraft and plays it for hours on end.  It's a game about placing blocks to build things and at night monsters (or creepers) can come out and get you.  It's huge and millions of people play it.   He tells me it's educational as you learn about mining, but I don't think that education is the main aim of the game :)

At first I hated that he was on the computer all the time, but after talking to a child psychologist she actually suggested that it was a good thing, because it was something that he loved to do. She said that the boys needed to do whatever it takes to get through the trauma and that playing on the computer wasn't a bad thing, if it was helping Jay to relax and have some fun.

It started off with Jay just playing Minecraft, but then it grew as he started to Skype with his mates from school at the same time, and they would then play together while talking to each other through their headphones.

It cracks me up as I listen to him talking to his friends yelling 'go, go, go!!!' as they play together.  I can hear all the 'oldies' now saying 'back in our day we used to run around the paddocks and play in the creek'.  They wouldn't believe that you can now still play and talk with your friends while being in different houses :)

Harri and Kobe also love to play it.

Jay loves to watch videos on YouTube and watches a lot about Minecraft, so after a little while he decided to make his own videos and started up his own YouTube channel.  It's a huge change from his other videos that he used to make.  He has around forty vidoes that he's uploaded now and started a series called 'Darkest Days of Minecraft' with his mates from school.  He thinks of the story and with his friends they prepare it all and then all know their roles and act it out together while recording it. It's a very serious business and they are always planning their next video together.

He created his own intro for his minecraft videos and even has a schedule for the week about which videos he will upload as he has recently started making videos about other computer games.   He is excited as he has 55 subscribers and has had over 4000 video views, including one video which has had over 1000 views.

 He is called KingJazza9 and recently got a custom made t-shirt which he loves.
His aim is to get 100 subscribers by his birthday on his YouTube channel.   It's a big call since his birthday is mid September, but if you are into video games or funny Aussie kids then he would love for anyone to go over and subscribe to his videos

It's awful seeing him so sick and missing Aaron and Noah so much, but it's really nice that he has something that he enjoys doing so much.  He keeps telling me that one day he is going to make a lot of money from YouTube and I tell him I'm looking forward to that day, so he can look after his poor old Mum ;)


  1. 56 now! I hope he make it to 100!

  2. My boys love mine craft as well,I'll tell Jordan about King Hazza 9, he;s always googling or you tubing {is that a} on cheat tips for the game..I agree with your Doc, let your kids do whatever helps them get through the day, until they start feeling "ok" again, my kids took quiet awhile to want to face reality, there's plenty of years left for them to run around the back yard, for now their in the comfort zone, and that makes them happy :)
    Your such a good mum, its tough being a single mum all of a sudden. Even tougher when your in the middle of grieving for your husband, and your boys for their dad..but everyone can see your doing an excellent job :)
    I hope Jay's health picks up soon, my daughter went through exactly the same thing..missed lots of school etc, she's now repeating a year, to catch up, at the end of the day, your childrens happiness and their health is the most important thing

  3. I have subscribed and i Got my son to subscribe, maybe Jalen could subscribe to his YouTube as well, he makes minecraft videos as well. His username is

  4. Just telling my partner who who's at EB he's checking them out and will subscribe! Will tell kids at work about it too when they take about it with him :)

  5. My son also loves Minecraft and I am a little like you - not sure what the hype is about, but he loves it :)

    He spends time searching YouTube for videos on Minecraft, so I have just subscribed on my son's behalf as I sometimes worry about the content of the videos he watches - I know Jalen's will be "clean" and entertaining!! My son is on school camp tonight - he will think I am pretty cool for subscribing to Minecraft vids ;)

    Great work Jalen.

  6. It makes my heart happy to see that he has 94 subscribers now!

  7. My son and his friends love Minecraft, and also search Youtube for videos. I showed him Jalen's site, and he said he thinks he has seen one of his videos already. He is now subscriber # 97, looks like he will make 100 with no problem!! xo

  8. I just subscribed and was his 100th subscriber. I hope when he sees all his new subscribers his eyes light up with joy xox

  9. My sons love that game too. Nash (12 with a b-day mid sept. too!) was asking me last night if he could get a Skype account to play Minecraft with his friend. I love the similarities among children all over. We are in Alabama.
    I'll show Nash J's videos today. I'm sure he'll love them. I worry sometimes about how much time they spend on the computer, but it is fun seeing them get excited about the games and try to explain everything to me, who is clueless.

  10. Glad he has something he is passionate about. He's a talented kid. By the way I love his KingJazza9 shirt. My kids would so wear that. Did he design it himself?

  11. Jalen - nice job with the intro video - awesome!!! I see you have your 100 subscribers - that is so cool. My son loved this game too - I wish he was still here to play with you and your followers (he died suddenly in March and video games were a HUGE part of his life, I so miss that). I will keep following your videos, even tho I don't have a CLUE what the game is all about.


  12. Please thank Jalen for following Lachy. We have been checking every day since this post and have been excited to watch his subscribers grow. He will be at 200 before his birthday at this rate

  13. My family just became subscriber #167. :) My boys are OBSESSED with Minecraft as well! They'd play all. day. long. if I let them.

    Take care--I continue to think of and pray for you regularly. You are AMAZING.

  14. Make sure you set up "monetization" on his you tube so he gets a kick back from views financially!! Not a huge amount but something!

  15. What a great creative outlet. Another young film maker is Sam Fathalla from Iowa, USA. He does some stop action videos with legos that are amazing. The boys might like them--especially the birthday Lego boy.


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