Monday, 6 August 2012

Harri's Dream Come True

When we decided to go to Melbourne, all Harri really wanted to do was to see 'The Block' houses.   He loved the show so much and was so excited to be able to go and actually see the houses.
We weren't the only tourists there at the time. We ran into a couple of girls from Brisbane who were also having a look.  I heard one of the locals telling someone else how crazy it was when the open homes were on and how big the line up was around the block that the houses were on.

I did try to jump up so I could see over the fences, but didn't see much. The kids saw more though as I lifted them up to have a look.   I hope there was no one inside!

We also saw the 'challenge house' which the contestants renovated in just a week. It's crazy to think how much they did, in such a short period of time.

It makes me laugh that a seven year old boy can be so excited about some renovated houses, but it was fun being able to take Harri to see them as I knew how much it meant to him. 


  1. My 11 yr old is itchin' to get to Melb. for this very reason only!!! So great for your boy!
    Naomi G.

  2. Oh how fun! What sweet sweet boys you have! love you!

  3. Harri a budding master builder or architect?


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