Monday, 27 August 2012


My lovely sister in law Becky made Kobe an awesome cape a while ago.    It has Batman on one side, and Superman on the other.  Kobe loved it when he got it, but ever since we went to Movie World all three boys have been totally obsessed with Batman.

Kobe has been wearing the cape everywhere we go.  He was at Launceston Aquatic the other day, ready to jump in and save some lives if needed.

He also likes to visit the museum. 

I'm sure Aaron and Noah smiled when they saw Batman visiting their graves.

I think I have the cutest little Batman, but he's even cuter without the mask on :)


  1. so cool. nearly thought I was looking at Esther Fuglsangs little Minol... he is a batman-aholic!

  2. I can still remember my brothers being totally obsessed by batman when they were younger. They had the odd batmobile or two and I heard a few na na na na na na na na BATMAN ....... while growing up. Love the batman outfit. Pretty cool.

  3. My little brother wore a Batman cape for about a year. Every day!


  4. to the last comment i TOTALLY AGREE...XXXX


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