Monday, 20 August 2012

Nudie Rudie

Kobe cracks me up all the time but especially when I get out of the shower and find him like this! 

He likes to jump in the shower or bath and then I tell him to go and get dressed, but whenever I come out I see he had other plans.  Often he'll come into the bathroom while I'm in the shower and laugh and say 'you're a nudie rudie!' but if I tease him when he is, he doesn't like it at all and gets very upset.

It's another case of 'you can give it, but you can't take it' in the King family (takes after Harri!).

One day I came out and found him like this.  He looked up at me and said 'this picture is very special isn't it Mum'.  It was so cute but so funny at the same time as he was just sitting there starkers.

We are lucky that none of our neighbours can see into our house from theirs, as they would catch Kobe like this most mornings.


  1. summer is coming ..he will probably take to the backyard next!!!!...did you know there is a Nudist Family Day in Queensland being planned....maybe you should sign him up...(but that means its for everyone in the family)...he he


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