Monday, 13 August 2012

Still Stalking

Aaron used to love it when the Hawks were in town so we could go and watch a game live, or go along to either a Fab Friday or Super Saturday to watch them train.   It's definitely not the same without Aaron or Noah with us, but we headed to Aurora on Saturday to stalk the Hawks and see if we could catch a few for photos or get some autographs.  Whenever Noah was with us the players always seemed to make an extra effort to say hello, so it feels a lot different now.

We were lucky to pull up just as Luke Hodge and Brad Sewell were walking to the stadium.  You've never seen me jump out of the car so quick, as we dashed across the road to catch them before they were surrounded by the crowds wanting their autographs.  I was yelling at the boys 'Hodgey!! Hodgey!!' as we ripped off our seatbelts.  I'm sure Aaron was laughing as I kept joking how he was going to be the boy's new Dad.  Aaron would no doubt approve too! ;)

The boys had fun doing the activities that they had set up in the Hawks marquee.  We didn't actually stay and watch the training for long as we were happy with getting a photo with Hodgey and Brad. 
I'm sure Aaron is so happy to know we are still stalking the Hawks without him. 

We found this wall in town on the way home, and couldn't believe we hadn't seen it before now.  We jumped out for a quick photo.

Don't let Kobe's cute, innocent face fool you. He's been so feral all week.  That is a whole other blog post for another time.


  1. I just found your blog not too long ago and each day I can't wait to see what you are going to write about. I think you should write a book.
    You are a wonderful mother and I can't believe all that you have been through. I pray for you and your boys every day!
    Love, From Wisconsin


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