Friday, 3 August 2012

Family Prayer at the King's House

Every night before bed we usually say a family prayer together. Kobe is getting better at sitting still for it, folding his arms and closing his eyes, but every now and then he decides he'd rather be doing head stands or rolling around the floor like a crazy boy, or crying all the way through the prayer because it's not his turn to say it.

A while ago I opened my eyes at the end of the prayer and there was Kobe looking all reverent, with the boys headphones on! He had snuck them on during the prayer, and we all cracked up laughing when we saw him.

This was his reenactment :)  

Family prayer at the King's house is always interesting.


  1. Very cute !! Love the renactment.

  2. Haha, so funny! Prayer times like that are very special!!

  3. Very cute. At least he is involved in family prayer time!!!!!

  4. haha so cute! I was there a couple of times for the head stand phase :p such a crack up.


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