Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hanging Out In The City

The boys love the city of Melbourne and were excited to spend some time there on our recent trip.   They have lots of memories of being there with Aaron as we tried to take them over just for a night or two, during the last couple of years.

We went into the city with the Watsons and Mum and Dad, but ended up splitting up and doing our own thing, as I knew the boys would want to do some fun things rather than just shopping the whole time, and didn't want everyone else to feel like they had to do what we wanted.   We had fun playing some of the games at the casino before walking right into the city.

The boys were so cute walking together. I kept wanting to take photos of them as they walked like this the whole time. 

The boys REALLY wanted to spend some time at the big EB Games store in the city, so we spent ages there just playing on all the games.

The four of us had fun playing Mario Kart together, even though we already have it at home. There's something extra cool about playing it in the store on a cool couch with Wii written on it :)  One of the shop assistants kept talking to us and it was very strange as she said to me 'are they all yours'. I said they were and she said 'Wow! Three boys!'.  I told her I actually have four boys and she then looked at me and said 'and you are all alone?'.  It was very weird.  I have no idea why she even thought or said it, but I guess she could tell that we were on holiday and was wondering why I was alone with my boys.  She must've just assumed I had separated from my husband or something.  I didn't dare tell her the truth.  

One of Aaron's favourite things was going to 7 Eleven and getting a slushee whenever we were on the mainland. He also loved Krispy Kreme donuts, so we had to go and get one of each, just for him :)

We ran out of time to do much in the city, but we had always wanted to go on a horse and cart ride, so we jumped on and had a short ride around the city. 

The boys loved it.

We were excited to see the MCG on the ride, as we were going there that night to watch the Hawks V Cats.

I didn't realise I even caught this moment until I saw my photos on the computer when I got home.

We realised too late that there was a gaming exhibition on at Federation Square, so we didn't get time to look at it, but had fun hanging out there anyway.

Harri would've stayed forever to watch the Olympics all afternoon if I let him.

The boys were excited about these seats as it reminded them of Minecraft - their most favourite computer game ever.

We had tea at a Vietnamese place in the city.  Kobe thought he put tomato sauce on his spring roll, but it turned out to be chilli sauce.  There was lots of jumping, tears and watery eyes before he finally felt okay again!

We then walked to the MCG to watch the Hawks V Cats. It was going to be a huge game with the rivalry between the two teams.

It was such an intense game! Even I got into it and was standing up and screaming towards the end.  Aaron would've been going crazy if he was there, but Harri made up for him.  We couldn't believe that Hawks lost by just two points on the siren.   Excuse the iPhone video but I wanted to have it for the boys.

It was so nice to run into the Kings Meadows High School kids and teachers who were on their annual footy trip.  Aaron loved organising it and going on the trip every year, so it was so nice to actually be at the same game as them and run into them there.   It was funny that we had planned our trip to Melbourne on the same weekend without even realising.

We had a lovely day in the city and wish we had more time to other things, but only had one day left in Melbourne before we came home.


  1. I love how you do this for your boys as a keepsake... such wonderful photos too! Your eldest boy had me sighing with his love and care for his little brothers - so precious for a Mum to see.
    Blessings. Naomi G.

  2. We went to Melbourne recently so some of these sites are familiar. That's a great shot of the boys walking together and such a special one of your jay and Kobe in the buggy - if it's ok to say it looks like a certain angel may have been present.


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