Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Don't Ask. Just Jump

You can click on the picture below to read my latest post at TOFW.


  1. Great post. So many of us want to help after tragedy but do not know how..

  2. Great post Lisa. A school Mum has cancer. She lost her husband suddenly a few years ago. We were only talking this morning about how we could help her. I've forwarded the link to your post to the Ladies at school and asked them to come up with ideas on how we can help our fellow Mum.

  3. I have been reading your blog and I am touched by your stories and love. Thank you for sharing. I have four boys as well and have just had a little girl to add to the crazy mix. I wish that I were there to stop by and help and I am grateful for your advice to just jump in...I will remember that next time!


We are so grateful for everyone's love and support, and appreciate your comments xoxo

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