Sunday, 1 September 2013

Three Good Things In One Day

This morning Kobe said 'there's three good things in one day today'.  Today is the first day of spring, Father's Day and also Harri's 9th birthday.  Harri was so excited about his birthday coming up.  Months ago he told me the only thing he wanted for his birthday was a dog.  I kept joking with him that since I bought Milly he got an early birthday present, and didn't need any more presents.  He didn't agree with me.

Last night he couldn't sleep as he was so excited.  At 11.30 pm I had enough of him getting up and saying he couldn't sleep, so I told him to get into my bed.  That didn't help and he was still awake at 12.30 am!  He was so excited to open up his presents this morning.  One of his favourite presents was a canvas that I got made for him with a photo of him running through the banner with Hawthorn.  
We went to church in Devonport because it was our church's conference today and afterwards we went to my brother Eden and Steph's house for lunch. 

It was nice that Harri could spend time with his cousins on his birthday. 

Kobe loves wrestling with Uncle Jared.
Harri had been really sad during the week as he knew that Father's Day was coming up on his birthday.  He was really sad to know that there was a Father's Day stall at school which he didn't have to go to.  I told him he could still make Aaron a card and we could take it to the cemetery, but he was too sad to do that.  It was nice that he was happy today, even though it was Father's Day. 

Thanks so much again to the lovely Cupcake Fairy, Nicole who made Harri's birthday cake for us.
It was nice to see my Dad on Father's Day.  He was cracking Jalen up as he was telling him stories about his first girlfriend he had when he was fourteen. 
Father's Day has been on my mind for the last month or so, when I started seeing Father's Day books and gift ideas in the shops.  One day it just hit me when I was looking for some books for school and saw and end with lots of Father's Day books on it. I considered buying a couple of books for the boys, but I knew that it would probably make them sadder so I ended up leaving them. 
Kobe was happy enough to make Father's Day things at school which was good.  He made a cute little book called 'My Dad'. 
This page made me smile.  Kobe obviously remembers Aaron's favourite things very well.  A week ago Kobe said to me 'lots of men drink beer Mum'.  I said that was right that some men do drink beer and he said 'Daddy didn't drink beer, why didn't he drink beer?'.    We talked about it and then he said 'Dad drinked Pepsi though' :)
I love the picture that Kobe drew of himself, with his Hawks colours on.

Jay had forgotten that it was Father's Day this morning until I joked that Noah had better have made Aaron breakfast in bed this morning.  Harri decided that Aaron wouldn't have a bed, but would sleep on a cloud :)  Jay was then quite quiet and teary all day as he realised that we were going through another Father's Day without Aaron.   It's hard to believe that our last Father's Day with Aaron on earth was just five weeks before Noah passed away.  I knew he wasn't well but had no idea that we had such a short time left on earth with him.  He didn't look very well at all that day.   I still love this photo with all five of my boys in it. 

I'm glad that Kobe still considers Father's Day to be a 'good thing' because I feel so sad to know that the boys don't have their Dad with them.  In a strange way it's comforting to know that Noah and Aaron are together.  I just wish they were still here with us.


  1. I'm glad he had a lovely day. He's lost his "little boy" look hasn't he? I love the photo of you and Harri :)

    Kylie Embury

  2. I love that photo of you and Harri, and also the one of Kels.
    It comforts me as well to know that Aaron and Noah are together.
    I hope they hang out with Daniel sometimes.
    Love Mum.

  3. Obviously everyone has the same thoughts, cause I was also going to say: that's a gorgeous photo of you and Harri together. He's one cute kid. Glad you all had a nice day despite it being fathers day.
    Karen, Qld

  4. Beautiful pics Lisa. I love the one with your 5 boys in it. Your very own 5 boys forever. xoxo

  5. Love, love this post, especially the pictures of you and Harri and the one of your 5 boys! Beautiful family! So good to know families are forever. :-)


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