Saturday, 28 September 2013

Premiers 2013!!

We are so excited that Hawthorn won the grand final today.   I smiled all day from the texts, messages, emails and comments from people telling me that they don't usually follow the Hawks but were today for me and the boys.  

It was so cool to see photos on Facebook of the Hotchkiss family in California, watching the game.  We have never met, but have become friends since they started reading my blog a while ago.  I'm sure that they had no idea what was going on for most of the game, but it was cool to know that they were barracking for Hawthorn for us, and watching it on the other side of the world at the same time.
Alison came with us to watch it at my Mum and Dad's and I felt sick before it started.  It's crazy to think that I never really cared about the footy that much, and now I know all the players, and feel sick from nerves before a game.  I have no doubt Aaron is influencing me from Heaven and is loving that I'm almost as Hawks obsessed as he was.   At half time we went out on the street for our usual half time kick.  Harri loved remembering when we used to do it with Aaron.  

It was such an intense game and too close for my liking.  I was so worried that we were going to lose it in the last quarter, but with about four minutes to go I knew we were okay and commented that it would be the moment when Aaron would've started crying happy tears.    Harri and Kobe were so excited and were yelling out the theme song at the end!

Harri was so excited and had been filling out his footy record the whole game, except when he would yell 'I'm about to pee my pants!!!' and would run to the loo and pass the record onto my Mum to fill out for him. 

I loved watching the players celebrate at the end, and especially loved when Brian Lake's son ran into his arms at the end.  It was also very cute when the little girl who presented Hodgey with his medal said 'you're a champion!'.  I also loved seeing how happy Josh Gibson was at the end as he 'cried like a sissy' (as he put it).  Harri kept asking if they were 'happy tears'. 
We are so excited that the team are coming to Tassie on Monday and can't wait to see them on stage with the premiership cup.  I wonder if it willl be as big as Mad Monday was in 2008. We were disappointed we weren't able to get tickets to go to watch the grand final, but having them come down to Tassie to show off the cup will be awesome.   We feel so lucky to have them in Tassie so often.  


  1. Oh Lisa, I loved reading your blog. All I could think about most of the day was you guys and how happy and nervous you would be watching the grand final and how much happier you would be if they won. Sorry, but I don't barrack for either team, I'm a Saint at heart, and in this instance I was going for Freo, but only because they have never won before and were the underdog. But either way I really didn't mind who won. At the end when they did win I couldn't stop thinking about all the cheering, screaming and tears there would be in your house at that moment .... the elation of the win. I'm sure Aaron and Noah were looking down on you guys today and cheering, screaming and crying with you. Hope you had fun.

  2. I had to check your blog today, even though I am a Fremantle fan ( I was born there) I knew a Hawthorn victory would bring your family lots of happiness so I am happy it worked out the way it did. Enjoy!

  3. You are too cool! Thanks for the sweet comment about our family. We only get about a quarter of what is going on. It moves so darn quickly, especially during this AFL Grand Final. Not quite sure what all of the whistle blowing means or why they stop/start sometimes, but we'll get there. Love to you and the boys! So glad they won! It was a great game!

  4. I am still on a high, and can't sleep.
    To say I am over the moon, doesn't come anywhere near how I feel.
    Love this team.
    Who knew that I would know every single team member's name?!!
    It was a fun day, even down to retrieving our ball from two very cranky plovers.
    We forgot to have our celebratory non alcoholic wine.
    I will bring it in tomorrow.
    Aaron would have been so amused to see how into the game we all are now.
    Looking toward to Monday, to see the team holding the trophy up!
    Absolutely love the mighty flying HAWKS!!!!
    Love Mum.

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  6. Hi Lisa, I thought of you all during the game. When the final whistle blew I said "I bet the Kings are all doing happy dances around the lounge room". Enjoy seeing them on Monday ~ Beverley x

  7. I'm so happy that Hawthorn won for you guys!

  8. So happy your team won! I love how your Mom always gets out there with your boys!

  9. As an Eagles member, I didn't know who to support - I know lots of Freo members who flew over to watch the game but at the same time I was imagining your family jumping up and down with joy. I hope you had a great time celebrating with the players yesterday.


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