Friday, 13 September 2013

My Baby Is 14

Yesterday Jalen woke up the earliest he has in two years.  He came into my bedroom at 6.15 am and was very excited because it was his birthday.  It's so hard to believe that my 'baby' is 14. 

It was so nice to see him so excited and happy as the last couple of years have been harder on him than any of the boys.  It was a freezing cold morning (just as we thought spring had his Tassie, the frosty mornings returned) so we all jumped into my bed while he opened up presents.
He loved all his presents which all had a gaming theme.  I have no idea about gaming, so he gave me a 'wish list' which saved me. Lots of parcels had been arriving from the USA over the past couple of weeks.

I found an awesome card for him.  He thought it was hilarious.
I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said he just wanted to get pizza for tea.  I asked him if he wanted to do something like play mini golf or go bowling, but he said he was happy just 'hanging at home together' and playing his new games.   I didn't mind as he was happy and it was an easy birthday for me.
The lovely Cupcake Fairy Nicole offered to make Jalen's birthday cake again.   I feel very spoilt to not have had to worry about making the boys birthday cakes over the past two years.   Jay decided on a 'triforce' cake which is from the Legend of Zelda video game, which is one of his favourites.  I told Nicole it was probably the easiest cake she would probably ever have to make.     He loved it and it tasted delicious.
Nicole, The Cupcake Fairy not only spoilt Jay with a cake and present, but gave each of us a little pressie.  The boys loved that they came in Hawthorn bags.
Kobe was extra excited about the mints in a Hawthorn tin.    Thanks Nic for making the boys smile.
Before bed Jay talked me into watching Iron Man 3 with him as he got it on Blu Ray for his birthday.  It was nice to just hang out with him on my own, once Harri and Kobe were in bed.  Jay is growing up way too fast but I feel very blessed that he's such a great kid.  All day he kept thanking me for giving him such a nice birthday, even though I really didn't do much.  I know that Aaron would be so proud of him. 

Even though he had such a nice day yesterday,  he is feeling really sad and down today.  He said he has felt really 'depressed' all day today and I told him that it was probably because he had something to look forward to with his birthday coming up, and now it's over and reality has set back in again.  I also told him that some days are just sadder than others and it's okay to have those days too because we can't have really happy days every day.  I just hope that the really sad days continue to get further apart.  I'm glad that he was able to have a break from the sadness even just for a day. 


  1. Nicole is so kind.
    I wonder who makes her birthday cake?
    You should be very proud of Jae, you are doing a wonderful job raising him by yourself, and Harri and Kobe.
    Grief just ebbs and flows.
    You never know how you will be from one day to the next.
    I still have waves of it hit me whenever I least expect it.
    He is a great kid, I love him so much, and I am proud that he calls me Grandma.
    Love Mum.

  2. I love Jalen's smile...and I hope that he is able to show it more and more...Happy Birthday to both of you!

  3. LOVE the card! Happy birthday, Jay!

  4. Happy birthday Jay! Chelsea

  5. That card is so great! Ha ha! Happy birthday Jalen! I loved being 14 so much that I declared I would just be 14 until my 16th birthday. ;) Much love from the USA!

  6. Happy Birthday Jalen! I check in on your family every now and then and I still get choked up whenever I think of what you and your family has been through.
    I pray for you and your family.
    Take care.
    from Madison,Wisconsin in the USA

  7. Happy Birthday Jalen from BC Canada! I am glad to hear you were spoiled with gifts :)

  8. Happy Day! How have his bouts with vertigo been? He looks so very happy. Love to you all <3

  9. Jalen, Happy Birthday from Reno, Nevada!! Is it weird strangers across the world pray for you and wish you well? It's easy to see from your pictures and what your mom writes about you that you are a wonderful young man. Maybe we can arrange a temple marriage with one of my teenage daughters. :) Joking! Ha ha
    Take care. Hugs from the USA

  10. Happy Birthday Jalen!
    Hugs to you all! xx


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