Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Possum Tree 2013

I couldn't let this year go by without getting a photo of the boys in front of the tree outside our old house.  For the past eight years I  have taken a photo of the boys in front of the same tree when it is in blossom.   I knew that the tree always comes out in blossom later than other trees, so I almost missed it this year!  Kobe and I drove past today and were excited to see it had blossoms still, so I dragged the boys out after school for a quick photo. 

Jay kept looking at our old house that we lived at with Aaron and Noah for six years, saying he was remembering all the 'good times'.  I do remember lots of good times there as that's where we lived when Kobe was born, but I didn't like the house, so I was glad that we weren't still living there. 
We still call it the 'possum tree' because that's what Harri called it when he was little.   Kobe has no idea that we are joking when we say it, so he calls it the possum tree all the time, which makes us laugh.
Our last photo with Noah at the tree - just a month before he passed away. 
I love this photo - they all look so tiny and cute
I wonder how many more years I can get away with taking a photo of the boys in front of the same tree, before they refuse to do it anymore!? That will be a sad, sad day :) 

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  1. Love these precious photos of your boys! Hope you keep taking them year after year. Drag them there or bribe them if you have to when they are older. They are just wonderful. Just think in another decade you could be taking a photo of grandkids there. Crazy! This was a fun post!

  2. I have been waiting for the blog with the boys and the possum tree.
    How come the tree is a different colour?
    Love Mum.

  3. Keep taking that photo as long as you can! Makes me think of dragging my 3 kids to take a pic with Santa at the mall each year. It is a great way to mark the passage of time. My oldest just turned 18 - it has been getting harder and harder with him each year! I just can't stand the thought of stopping.

    Love from Mary in the USA

  4. New reader here. I love this idea. It will be so nice for them to go back through these when they are older.

  5. This may sound weird, but I miss your son Noah and I've never meet him.
    I hope he marries my angel daughter Sara! LOL :)

  6. Your story reminding me of one of my own. My oldest used to pronounce the color beige as 'veige'. I swear I corrected her but years later both my kids said that I taught them that. It still cracks me up.


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