Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Love Make A House A Home

On the weekend my whole family was together to help my Mum and Dad move house.   It was nice to have my brother Christian down from Sydney and sister Nicki from Melbourne. The 'last supper' in the house was fish and chips on the floor.  
It was sad to know that the house that we grew up in, was no longer going to be Mum and Dad's. 
Mum and Dad built the house when I was about thirteen.  Before that we lived in a house just across the paddock which Mum and Dad bought when they got married for the huge price of $1000.  We have a lot of happy and sad memories in both houses.  I loved growing up near my cousins and Nan and Pop.  We all lived within a kilometre of each other and had the best childhood.   My brother Daniel passed away in our first house and although I can't remember a lot about that time as I was only six years old, I remember that day quite clearly and remember sitting in the lounge room with lots of people there.   

While our 'new' house was being built we lived in a shed as for almost a year. 
I remember it being so cold in winter, but it was also lots of fun, living in a shed with cupboards as walls.  It was quite an adventure and it felt like we were just having a huge big sleepover for a year.  Don't worry - there was a door on the shed when we lived there. 

I remember how exciting it was to be building a brand new house.  It's funny the things that I can remember. I clearly remember roller skating around the slab once it was down and then hating it when the walls were put up as I didn't enough room to roller skate.  
The thing I will miss the most is the views.  I don't think we ever took it for granted. 

It was nice that so many people turned up on Saturday to help them move.  Their house was huge and they had a lot of furniture that would be going into a container for the next year or so.

A few things that they use often, went to their unit which they are renting while they wait for their house to be built.  It's a huge change for them to be living in a unit surrounded by houses, as they have lived on the farm their entire married life, but hopefully living close to the beach will make it all worth it.   

The shed was full of lots of old cupboards which ended up on the bonfire. The kids loved the bonfire which kept them occupied all day.
It's been a very hard decision for Mum and Dad to sell the house, but they are happy that a lovely family has bought it and will be moving in on the weekend, and will hopefully love it as much as we all do.  

Kobe started crying as we were drove away for the last time on Saturday. I asked him what was wrong and he said he was feeling really sad because it was our 'last time at Grandma and Grandpa's'.  I agreed that it was really sad but told him that it would be okay, and they would have a nice new house. 

We drove to their new unit and as we pulled up Kobe asked what we were doing.  I told him we were going to see Grandma and Grandpa's new house. He then had a nervous laugh and said 'I thought that was our last time we would be seeing them!'.    Poor Kobe thought we weren't going to see my Mum and Dad ever again! I felt so sad when I realised what he had been thinking.   He has lost so many people lately, that he just assumed that was it - it was the last time we would see Grandpa and Grandma and their house.   He was so happy when he realised that they had a new house and we would be seeing them all the time still, and kept saying 'this house is nicer than your other house!'.

While I was helping to clean the house I stopped to take a photo of this sticker Mum had on the wall.  We are all trying to remember that it's 'just' a house.  Hopefully their unit and new home they will build will feel like home before long.


  1. Ooowwwww, sad. But exciting as well.
    Hard for everyone to move on from ' the family home'
    I know it was for us and our 5 kids leaving chch . And now our old house has been bulldozed cos of the earthquake even sadder. So at least ma and pas is still standing and being enjoyed.
    Their new build will be fantastic and perfect for the next stage of their life. As is your new home for you guys.
    Change is hard...and sad. But can be a blessing later on...just not while you are going through it!

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