Friday, 27 September 2013

Footy Colours

I miss Aaron every day, but on weeks like this one I miss him terribly.  I can't stop thinking how excited he would be this week with Hawthorn making the grand final.   I wish he was here having a go at everyone that he comes across about how good his beloved Hawks are.    I wish he was stirring up all our friends who are Bombers fans.   I wish he was wearing every bit of Hawks gear that he has to school.  I wish he was turning footy colours day into footy colours week like he has before.
Footy colours day is a lot more fun when it's your team in the grand final.  Jalen had his school footy colours day last week but I forgot to take a pic.  Yesterday Kobe had his footy colours day and he was so excited to wear his Hawks gear to school.  Because I was doing some work in his Kinder class I wore my footy colours as well.    It was fun stirring up the kids who had other team colours on.  I heard lots of 'go hawks!' or 'boo hawks!' during the day.  
Today was Harri's turn for footy colours day.
Kobe and I went up to the cemetery today to make sure that Aaron and Noah's Hawks scarves were still at their graves.  
We got the footy record yesterday and Harri and Kobe have been reading it flat out.  Kobe is so excited about tomorrow but keeps saying 'remember last year when the Hawks lost and I was crying?'.  I hope it's not going to be the same story tomorrow. 
I was hoping that Noah and Aaron would be able to pull some strings up in Heaven, and that we would be lucky enough to get tickets to the grand final through the ballot, but it wasn't too be.   Unfortunately there are too many Hawthorn members wanting tickets.   

I'm trying to look on the bright side, in that we saved a lot of money by not going, but it would be a dream to take the boys to a grand final that Hawthorn are playing in sometime.   Instead we will be watching it on TV and hoping that having two fans cheering them on from Heaven will help the Hawks beat Fremantle like they did when they played at Aurora earlier this year. 


  1. I really don't know anything about footy, but I'm anxious for the Hawks to win!! It's so fun that you have a family sport. I just know Aaron and Noah are thrilled you've caught the bug! :) Go Hawks!

  2. They won!!!! I'm so happy for your family and hope you can congratulate them on Monday at York Park.


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