Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Making the Move

In a couple of weeks my Mum and Dad will be moving from our childhood home.  It's sad to know that they will no longer live in such a beautiful place, but I'm glad that they are making the move.  It's been such a hard decision to make, because their whole married life they have lived in the same area and the house that they built was their 'dream house'. 

The hardest thing to leave will be the space and the views.  They were very lucky to sell their house so quickly.  When they put it on the market they expected that it may take a while to sell, but it actually sold within a month.  We will miss all the family dinners out there.

They have bought a large block of land close to my brothers Jared and Eden and their families, and they will be renting a house while they wait for their house to be built.  Even though it won't be the same, I'm sure they will love having a brand new house again, and the best thing is that they are going to be nice and close to the beach.  I think the boys and I will be spending lots of time out there during the summer.

Today a container arrived at their house.  Mum has done so much work packing up their huge house, and in a couple of weeks we will all be helping them move their life to another place.  I know first hand how hard it can be to move from somewhere that has so many memories.  Whether it be thirty years or one year, it's still so hard to leave a place that you love, but I hope that the move for Mum and Dad will be as good as our move has been for us. 


  1. Change can be hard but in this case it is mostly all good :) Your parents have made the decision to move and build their new interpretation of their dream home and be close to their kids a bonus :)

    I wish them nothing but the best in their new adventure and hope to see pictures of you and yours there very soon!

  2. all the very best mum and dad. a new build will be so exciting (if the builder is the business, i hope they are)

  3. OH wow i too know how hard it is to move from all those familiar surroundings and worn tracks and happy ghosts... but the memories will go with them..thank goodness for photos and happy feelings when you scroll back threw those portholes of your life into the places now to become memories ...they say change is inevitable and the growth from that change is optional...i am sure that your parents will LOVE the changes they are about to make as they settle into the new challenge of building a new nest where all their loving family will still gather for more wonderful fun and that will create more memories...

  4. Moving is hard and so is change, but what a blessing your sweet family is to your mum and dad. Xo :-)


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