Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Streak Is Over

It scares me how much I'm into the footy since Aaron passed away! It's like a huge part of him has become a part of me now.   I knew that Aaron would love getting into the spirit of the finals, so we went up to the cemetery and took up a couple of our Hawks scarfs.

I know Aaron wouldn't be impressed with the '4 year' scarf, but I didn't want to risk leaving his 15 year one at the cemetery.
To say that we are excited that Hawthorn are in the grand final next Saturday is an understatement.   My heart sank when I knew that we would be playing against the Cats in the preliminary final.  Because we haven't beaten them since the 2008 grand final, I knew that we surely had to beat them sometime soon, but wasn't confident that it was going to be last night.

I wanted to believe that it was the Hawks time to win, but I have to admit that at three quarter time I really thought that our year was over.  We watched the game at my Mum and Dad's house as it was their last night there before moving house today. 

I'm pretty sure that we didn't stop screaming the last seven minutes of the game.  I couldn't sit still and kept having to stand up.   Dad kept saying how he couldn't believe how much tbe boys and I are into the footy now and how much Aaron would love it.

This was the moment the siren went and we knew that we had finally beaten the Cats, and were in the grand final.   Harri cracks me up when he says 'that's the moment of my life!!!! The streak is over!!!!'.   It's so nice to see the boys so excited and happy.  I have no doubt that Aaron would've been doing the same thing in Heaven ;) :)

Sorry that the video is so small as it's off my phone.

We registered to go in the ballot to get grand final tickets which would be a dream come true.  I am not holding my breath as I know it's a once in a life time opportunity (unless you pay the big bucks to have membership where you are guaranteed a ticket) but you just never know.  I hate to think about the cost of airfares on grand final weekend, but I'm sure it would be worth it, if we were lucky enough.

Fingers, toes and everything else are crossed... but if we aren't lucky enough to get tickets through the ballot I'm sure it will be just as exciting watching it on our couch, eating party pies and drinking Pepsi for Aaron. 


  1. That's a night we will all remember for sure.
    So glad you came out with the boys and we could watch it with Nicki as well.
    GO HAWKS!!!!!!!
    Love Mum.

  2. What a great post ..... Hope that you do get tickets and get to go to the grand final. I'm sure you would have an awesome time. Aaron and Noah will be cheering with you all I am sure.

  3. What a beautiful moment. The boys reaction in the video gave me goose bumps!

  4. I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post."



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