Saturday, 7 September 2013

Daddy Gives Me A Cuddle

Over the last few weeks Kobe has wanted the light on in the hall when he goes to bed.  He keeps telling me that he's sad and is missing Daddy, and that having the light on makes him feel better. 

Last night when I was putting him to bed I said to him 'when you go to bed, I think Daddy will be watching you'.  He looked at me and said 'yes Daddy does come into my bedroom.  He comes to bed with me every night.  He gets in here (pointing below his feet) so he doesn't hurt my legs and then he lies on this side of the bed' (pointing to the side that is against the wall).  

He was so sure about what he was saying. 

I asked him what Daddy did when he came into bed and he said 'he comes in at 10.30 because that's when Daddy goes to bed, and he lays next to me and gives me a cuddle'. 

I would love to believe that what he says is real, but if it isn't I love that Kobe believes it as it obviously makes him feel happier to think that Daddy is right there with him in bed.

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  1. Oh Kobe King,
    My heart is broken for you, you must miss your Daddy so much.
    If he believes that Aaron is next to him, great, but who is to say he isn't.
    Becky and I were talking today, and saying to Aaron, time must be nothing at all. Although he has been gone for almost two years, it may seem like five minutes to him.
    There is so much we don't know.
    I want some good answers when we are all reunited again.
    It must be so hard for little Kobe.
    Bless his little heart.
    Love Mum.

  2. That is really beautiful Lisa.

  3. What a beautiful boy, I have no doubt in my mind that his daddy cuddles him to sleep every night. Bless him x

  4. What a beautiful and precious thought.

  5. Lets hope it is true as it might well be!

  6. That is beautiful Kobe and I know it must comfort you so much to know your Daddy is right there with you.

  7. What a tender post. I'm sure it's real. There are nights when Ledger seems to be having a full conversation (his jabbering) when we put him to bed. He stares at the same place, and talks, pauses like he's listening, and speaks back. Sometimes I wonder if it isn't his older sister... I think we'll be amazed when we can see how much they were around.

  8. Bless this little chap and his heart of gold.

  9. That is so sweet, I am sure Daddy does come in and gives him a cuddle at night, miracles happen all the time, look at you and how you have come through everything.

  10. Lisa, I really relate to this post about Kobe and his daddy, for a couple of reasons. It brought me to tears! My hubby cuddles with our youngest child, Levi. Levi doesn't sleep well when his daddy travels to Australia so I cuddle with him till he falls asleep at night. Also, our youngest daughter was not born when our oldest son Jesse died. When she was 2 1/2, she use to tell me how Jesse would come visit her at nap time. We have 4 girls and two boys. Jesse was my 4th child, but he was stillborn when I was 7 months along with him. We always talk about him and we know he's ours eternally, but we do miss him! I am grateful that he watches over us. I have felt him near at times. Levi was also not born when Jesse came so I know he and Our youngest daughter, Faith have a strong bond with their brother Jesse! I believe small children are close to the veil, it makes me grateful they are strong spirits too! Much love to you and yours! Xoxo Ps- I voted for you and I follow you as beesbutterfly on IG. Also, I'd like to send you a cd so if you can email at and give me your address I will send it to you. :-)

  11. My dad died from a heart attack when I was 17 years old. A year later my aunt went to a psychic medium, who told her that my dad sits at the foot of my bed when I sleep. So I believe Kobe!

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