Tuesday, 1 October 2013

School Holiday Celebrations

We are still trying to get used to when school holidays are, with the switch to four school terms in Tasmania.  I remember when there was a lot of debate about whether we should stick with three terms or go to four, as Aaron and I didn't agree. I thought four terms would be great, but Aaron wanted to stick with three because he loved the extra long break during summer.

We started two weeks of school holidays yesterday and are looking forward to catching up on some rest, doing jobs around the house and getting away for a bit.  Yesterday the Hawks came down to Tassie with the cup and it was lucky that it was school holidays, as it meant we could go along without worrying about school or work. 
It was exciting to see the team again, but the feeling this time was a lot different to 2008 when they came down with the cup.  I think it was because it wasn't expected that they were going to be beat the Cats in 2008, and this year it was just more of a relief when they won, so it didn't seem as exciting. Maybe we are just too spoilt with having Hawthorn being sponsored by the Tasmanian government, and it just doesn't seem as exciting now, as we are used to seeing the team so often.   We do feel very lucky to have them in Tasmania so often though and would be devastated  if that ever stopped.
The team just wandered out from the grand stands,which wasn't as dramatic as the entry they made last time with a couple of the players landing on Aurora in a helicopter.
The players looked happy, but they all looked really tired.

The MC spoke with Alistair Clarkson and a couple of the players including Hodgey, but it kind of felt like an anti climax as they didn't introduce the players individually and it was so quick. 

There were a few jokes about which players was the best 'off ground' with all the celebrations on the weekend, which made them laugh.

The players quickly came down to the barrier to sign a couple of autographs before being whisked away. I knew it would probably be Buddy's last time in brown and gold in Tassie, but was shocked today when we heard that he is probably going to play for the Sydney Swans rather than Greater Western Sydney. 

I wore Aaron's guernsey with Buddy's number on it as I knew it would probably be the last time he played for Hawthorn. I wonder how much I can see it on eBay for now!? ;)  Kobe keeps saying that if Buddy leaves he is going to go for another team.  I may have to remind him that Daddy said that Easter Bunny and Santa don't come to boys in our house who don't go for Hawthorn! ;)

I would've liked Buddy to have stayed,  but we will cope without him. I would be devastated though if Hodgey or any of the other players were leaving.  I don't care as much about Buddy leaving because he was always the least friendly at trainings or whenever we saw the team.  It's sad for the boys when a player that they idolise ignores them or doesn't make an effort just to give them a high five or smile. Other players go out of their way just to give them a few seconds of their time and it makes their day. 
Jay ran into his best friend Rani, but I think Kobe was more excited to see Rani than jay was!
I loved this man's wheelchair. It reminded me of Noah's with all the Hawks colours all over it.

It was nice to do something so cool on our first day of school holidays.  We are hoping that every October school holidays start off with Hawthorn bringing the cup down from now on.

p.s.  For about 18 months I have wanted to make a new page link on my blog.  I finally did it a few days ago.  You can check it out here.  

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