Friday, 9 April 2010

This is it!

Okay - I know I said I wouldn't blog anymore photos of the girls but I've finally finished photoshopping the ones that were worth doing, and just wanted to put a few more of my favourites up. Morgan took this cute photo of Makayla and Harri and I had fun photoshopping it.

It's been fun playing with them and I've definitely learnt how I like my photos to look and have picked a certain style that I like - nice and bright and colourful and natural looking.

I had a play with other things but I definitely have a style that I like now.

Now I'll have to go out and take more photos so I have more to play with! What a time waster! ;)


  1. I love that one of me and Harri, so cute!
    See- its good that you took all the pics of us, you got to work out what style you like =) I like the one you like too, bright and colourful and natural.. love it!!! Thanks again, i cant get over how much i love the photos!!! =D

  2. Yep, I'm lovin' your style Lisa! Told you you were good at something...

  3. i only have Adobe ..and you can photoshop in that but i havent discovered the finishes like you have...i think maybe a lesson or two Lisa ..if you are willing to share some time.

  4. Hi Lisa, your photos are beautiful! WHen are you going to open the doors to your business? Photography is obviously your passion


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