Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Lake

Last weekend I thought I'd take 'the boys' (as in the three boys) out somewhere different to get them out of the house for an hour or two. We decided to go up to Waverley Lake for a play. Jalen was getting excited looking at the lake as he has his cross country there in a month.

There were lots of cool ducks and swans around who were very tame and came straight over to us.

I love taking photos of ducks. They all seem to have such personality.

Kobe could've watched them all day long.

The other two weren't so keen on the ducks but loved the climbing frame and tiny skate park they had there. We were the only ones there so they had lots of fun mucking around on the equipment.

It was nice to go somewhere different and have such a pretty place all to ourselves.


  1. Harri is looking so much older, and I love the photos of the ducks.I will have to come in for a visit, it seems forever since I have spent time with you apart from the movies, and then you just sit in the dark. I will see you on Super Saturday.
    Love Mum.

  2. what an interesting location to choose...?

  3. so i'm actually checking out your photos properly this time...i LOVE that one with the water on the duck! you are AMAZING!

  4. oh you crack me up Tone. Thanks - I think! :)

    Yeah - we were sick of the usual places - aquatic centre and punchbowl so thought we'd try somewhere new.
    Today we went to Hollybank Forest which is beautiful - despite the 5 leeches that got me! L(

  5. I LOVE ducks. I want a pet one!! I'm with Tone, the one with the water droplets is gorgeous. x

  6. Iiiiiiiiiiiiincredible photos, Lisa. :) So impressed. :)

    Well done :)

  7. wow, gorgeous photos!
    your boys are all so photogenic and all have beautiful hair... lol, notice that being a HD!!!

  8. Your photos are just getting better and better! I LOVE the one with the duck covered in water droplets!!! And the one of Kobe at the end. Your boys are so gorgeous.


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