Saturday, 24 April 2010

Best Friends

A while back I was asked to take some photos for the Christie and Prebble kids before Jack goes on his mission to Fiji for our church. Tayla, Jack, Sam and Jordan have been best friends for years and love hanging out together, so I was excited to take them as I knew they would be fun photos to take, although I knew Jordan wasn't overly keen :) Teenage girls and boys are so different!

I really wanted to take some different photos to the ones that I took of the three girls and wanted to make them as natural and fun as possible to catch what they are like together all the time. It's been fun editing them and there are a LOT more to come. Here are a few of the first ones I've edited.

I LOVE these next two as it shows the usual relationship between siblings.

Back to the editing.... love it!


  1. LOVE these!! And your post about "Holland" was very touching. x

  2. gorgeous kids hey!! love them all especially the one of Tayla and is it Jack?!?!

  3. these photos are THE best!

  4. these photos are just fabulous! I love how they are so different to ours :)


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