Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Hollybank Forest

Over 16 years ago Aaron proposed to me at Hollybank Forest. It is such a beautiful place, and we hardly ever go there so we thought we would go out last weekend for a picnic and a play. I was so excited when I saw all the beautiful autumn leaves. I think Aaron's words were 'we're going to be here for a loooong time boys!' as he knew I would want to take lots of photos.

It was a beautiful day for Noah to lay in the sun and enjoy being outside.

Aaron and the boys spent most of the time kicking the footy around which amused the Chinese tourists a lot!

Kobe and I had lots of fun going off into the forest to take photos while the boys played footy. Kobe loved exploring everything and didn't mind at all the leeches that kept on getting us! :(

Harri really wanted his photo taken with Aaron. They have become great buddies since Harri has discovered a real love for footy. He has always liked it, but now he is more like Aaron and is obsessed with it - checking out the stats, talking about different players and who is injured and who is suspended and discussing the ladder. He kept saying 'pleeeease can you take a photo of me and Dad? I promise I will smile really good for you!'.

We thought we'd take a quick walk down to the river before we left. Kobe thought he would be helpful and tried to push Noah!

As helpful as he was, there was no way of getting around a tree right in the middle of the path, so it was the end of the road for Noah. Having a wheelchair can really make things tricky at times!

Aaron and Noah headed back to the van while I took the boys down to the river for a quick look. Harri was so funny yelling 'I can see a pool!!!".

It's definitely somewhere where we should go more often. I'm already imagining how pretty it will be in the spring time!


  1. Oh I love all those Family shots. Especially the first one and one of Harri and his hero! You should get some done for your walls!!

  2. OH and #2 & #3 and also is Kobe holding up a finger with blood from a leech?!?!?

  3. i will never be as good as you...great to have you and Fiona over last night... loved being in the presence of the experts... i will have a go at it tomorrow and see how i go...scarrrrrry!!!

  4. yes you will be Annette!! I don't really know much at all but just have my favourite things I like to do - I now have a bit of a style that I like. I've only been learning for a little while too. Just ring me if you need any help. I wouldn't say I was an expert at all but now don't stress so much about it and just remember the steps and what I want to do.

  5. Harri is so gorgeous asking for a photo with his Dad.

  6. all these photos are absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!! i love them!

  7. lol - no, not blood from a leech Bec - just dirt :)

  8. Beautiful photos. I bet you never thought on that proposal day you'd be back with FOUR boys!

  9. LOL Nicki, I was thinking the same thing.
    Lisa I love the brightness in your photos, they look 'happy'.
    Don't know how to describe them, maybe vibrant.
    I was talking to your father, and saying that I want to get some of your and Chrish's photos put on canvas to put in the house.
    They are excellent.
    Love Mum.

  10. You are getting so good lisa! I love that last shot (actually all of them) so much, it is just beautiful - you could be professional now :) I'd pay you!

  11. wow, what a beautiful place... and absolutely perfect for a proposal!!!

  12. last shot is my fave. Isnt it steep to get down to the river! You guys are tough trying to take the chair down there. I wanted to see a leech!!!!! Dont ahev anywhere in HObart that I know of with leaves like that....

  13. Love Aaron's comment. I think my kids would love Hollybank.


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