Thursday, 8 April 2010

Easter Holidays

We love having a week off together for the Easter school holidays. So far we have done the usual - gone to the Aquatic Centre (a couple of times!), gone to the movies and today we went ten pin bowling. Before we left I asked the boys if they were ready to get their butts kicked again as I have won the last three times we have played. Of course there was all the usual talk 'I'm going to beat you this time', 'whatever Mum!' etc.

Aaron likes to talk himself up a lot and typed in his name as 'Awesome' instead of 'Aaron'. Poor old 'Awesome' wasn't having such a great game and was using his 'bad back' as his excuse.

Jalen has resigned himself to the fact that he is probably going to come last (even behind Kobe and Noah!) so he was pretty pumped when he got a strike.

Harri is a crack up the whole time, really getting into it and doing lots of fist pumps and 'Yeeeaaah!'.

Kobe was so cute really getting into it this time as well. He would watch the ball the whole way down and then at the end he would jump and down and say 'esssss!'.

Noah actually stayed awake....for at least half the game!

I fluked it again and won another game - must've been my great style! ;)

'Awesome' Aaron made a bit of a comeback at the end with a double strike, but it wasn't good enough to beat me. He was making all kinds of excuses....the girl in the next lane kept getting in the way and putting him off, his back was playing up, Kobe came up behind him and put him off. We will wait and see how he goes tomorrow when we have a rematch :)


  1. Poor Aaron, maybe you should let him win a game on the sly!!

  2. Go Lisa! Love the pic of Jay and Kobe x

  3. Woah go Lisa! Im as bad as Jalen is.. LOVE the photos, especially the one of Noah, and the one of Jay and Kobe..


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