Thursday, 11 March 2010

World's Greatest Shave

Today was the big head shave at Aaron's school for the Leukaemia Foundation's 'World's Greatest Shave'. The students ended up donating over $800 to see Aaron and another teacher get their heads shaved, plus some other students who joined in with them. Aaron wanted to try to match the students total and was really happy to raise over $770 on his own. Thanks so much to all those who donated money - it is such a great cause.

Chrish (who is down from Sydney, but I haven't blogged anything about that yet!), Kobe and I didn't want to miss the action so we went along for a look. Kobe was so excited to see Aaron at work!

Aaron wasn't fussed about shaving off his hair as he used to have a number one all over a few years back (much to my disgust!), but the other teacher actually had a pony tail so it was a big sacrifice for him to get his head shaved!

The prefects were in charge of shaving Aaron's hair off and they couldn't wait to get their hands on it!

The teacher with the pony tail organised for a professional hair dresser to do his (he wasn't quite as trusting as Aaron is!) and she cut off by snipping off the pony tail to which he got lots of cheers!

There was a big crowd of students to check out the action.

Aaron was quite happy for them to just go for it...

but got a little nervous when they got close to his ears!

He kept joking that they should stop and leave him with just a mohawk!

He was quite happy with the results and says he likes being bald!

I think it looks like he just got out of jail!

Kobe wasn't sure what to make of him afterwards, and kept staring at his head.

He soon warmed back up to him when he realised it was actually fun to touch, and he was still the same old Dad :)


  1. Good on you Aaron! I bet you could raise 3 times that much if you BOTH do it next year!

  2. hehe Kobe's face is a classic - he is so cute! good on you aaron and all the kids too!

  3. Love the look on Kobe's face as he checks out Aaron's new haircut.

  4. Good on you Aaron, that's actually awesome! I love the look on Kobe's face as he's checking it out!

  5. oh i am REALLY glad he didn't go with the mowhawk. :)


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