Saturday, 20 March 2010

Awesome Uncles

While Chrish was down from Sydney we got together for a family tea and Mum and Dad's. While us girls were all busy getting tea sorted, I looked out the window and saw Jalen bombing around on a four wheeler with Eden. Eden and Steph recently bought a four wheeler and Eden thought it would be fun to bring it down for everyone to have a ride. Jay was loving it!

Eden and Chrish gave it a bit of a beating while they went on their recent fishing trip and the poor bike was going, but had to be push started everytime it stalled.

Jay didn't seem to mind at all and just loved going around the paddocks with his uncles.

I couldn't stop laughing at little Alex and Kobe perched up at the fence watching what was going on. The girls didn't care at all and were happily playing away, but the boys wanted to be in on the action.

Kobe desperately wanted a go and so did little Alex who kept crying when he didn't think that big Alex was going to take him for a ride.

Lachie also wanted to get in on the action. I think we will be having lots of fun times on the four wheeler at Mum and Dad's from now on. The boys will be wanting to go out there even more than they do now.

It was the last night that we got to see Chrish before he went back to Sydney :( He is so great with all the kids, including babies. Lincoln wasn't happy but as soon as Chrish picked him up he just stopped crying and stared up at him, and fell straight to sleep. I think we need Uncle Chrish to move home to help out with the kids as he is so great with them all :)


  1. HOW adorable is your last photo with bub looking up at Chrish so wide eyed and interested.

    It made my heart melt.

  2. I'm loving your photos even more now in the big size!

  3. love th eone of Kobe looking through the fence and the one of Chrish and Lincoln

  4. I totally agree with you Lisa about Chrish coming home.
    He will come in handy. LOL. and all the kids adore him.
    Now you have to talk your Dad in getting us a bike.
    Twice as much fun to be had then.
    Love Mum.

  5. Your boys sure are deprived not owning a motorbike! ;) Haha. I love the picture of the back of Kobe and Alex, but i just LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of Kobe looking through the fence it looks AWESOME!!!

  6. fun! my parents have an old postie bike on their farm the kids love to get on and dad made a cool trailer for the ride on mower when Isaac was a tot. Hasn't lost any of it's appeal after all these years!

  7. Love the pic of Chrish and Lincoln. So cute!


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